China and Africa are building ‘great walls’ of trees to hold back the desert....

In the Sahel region of Africa — essentially the southern fringe of the Sahara — 26 countries have come together to build their own version of the Green Great Wall, rather confusingly dubbed the Great Green Wall.

China’s growing reach in Africa: are we seeing a fair trade?

Africa needs China, and China needs Africa.  China’s investments, trade, foreign aid, loans and grants play a huge role in developing the continent.

Macron’s Africa visit reveals determination to weaken China’s grip on the continent

French President Emmanuel Macron embarked on a four-day charm offensive across the Horn of Africa last week, stopping off in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

China’s ‘Ivory Queen’ gets 15 years jail in Tanzania for smuggling tusks of 350...

Yang Feng Glan, 69, had lived in Tanzania since the 1970s and was secretary-general of the Tanzania China-Africa Business Council.

China just quietly wrote off a chunk of Cameroon’s debt. Why the secrecy?

When top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi met Cameroon President Paul Biya in the capital Yaounde last month and wrote off a chunk of the African country's debt, the deal very nearly went unnoticed.