Activists rescue 40 cages of doomed dogs bound for Chinese meat festival


Mark Ching and his group ‘Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation’ have intercepted dozens of cages packed with dogs that were bound for the festival in Yulin China.

Found crammed into tiny cages, the somber looking dogs were motionless as their rescuers removed them from the truck in preparation for release.

Despite constant protests, the notorious dog meat festival opened on Wednesday, dispelling rumours that authorities would ban sales this year.

Rescuers remove the trapped dogs from the truck. Source: Yahoo

After earlier reports of a sales ban at the summer solstice event, animal rights groups said vendors and officials reached a compromise and set a limit of two dogs on display per stall.

But multiple carcasses were seen to be rested on several stalls at two markets. Residents said dog meat was just ‘part of their tradition’.

Despite constant protests, the notorious dog meat festival opened on Wednesday. Source: Reuters
Agreed restrictions have been completely ignored according to local reports. Source: Reuters

There was a heavy police presence outside the market but officers did not seem to be checking stalls.

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Active festival-goer, Wu San, said he was given a dog by a friend who had used it as a guard dog but no longer wanted it because “it would only wag its tail, it wouldn’t bark anymore”.

“We’ll eat it tonight with friends,” Wu said.

“Small dogs don’t taste good. Dogs that are too fat don’t taste good either.”

A man was seen yelling at an AFP reporter at the market, warning against taking photos and demanding that they be deleted.

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