Acting Secretary of Defense: Destroy CCP’s military capability in 72 hours


Recently, the newly appointed acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Charles Miller warned the CCP that the U.S. military can destroy CCP warships, armed fishing boats disguised as merchant ships, and CCP submarines within 72 hours. This is the most severe warning the U.S. military has given the CCP so far.

In fact, this plan has been in the U.S. military for a long time. Miles Guo mentioned on October 9, 2018: “I will reveal a simple secret to you now. Insiders are discussing what should we do with the CCP on the South China Sea? The U.S. has already made the decision. I revealed for the first time that the U.S. directly notified the CCP that I would give you 72 hours. Remember this number, 72 hours. I would ask you to remove all illegal military systems in the South China Sea. Immediately, we won’t discuss it with you. We will close all consultation opportunities. If you do not remove them within 72 hours, we will remove all for you. Destroy them all for you. Remember what I said today.”

In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on October 17, 2018, Mr. Guo once again mentioned the 72-hour plan: “I asked him if there is a military conflict in Asia, what will be the result; if there is a military conflict in the Middle East, what will be the result?” The man touched his mustache and said, “that is a good question, Miles. I am going to answer your question. He said, “if you asked this question before, I wouldn’t answer you. now I can answer you.” He said: “I tell you that in Asia, especially the conflict in China, we have absolute confidence to completely end any form of war within one week. It could be shorter, which it will not exceed 72 hours.”  Therefore, the U.S. accepts 72 hours to notify the CCP about the South China Sea that the illegal military systems must be destroyed. Do you know? If you don’t move, we’ll clean up for you. The U.S. has this policy.

Judging from the intelligence revealed in Miles Guo’s live broadcast, the 72-hour plan is not a threat or intimidation by the new Secretary of Defense, but a plan that the US military has been planning. The U.S. military has long set the CCP as an imaginary enemy and had been relatively sober when the rest of the U.S. departments was deeply infiltrated by the CCP.

The CCP has always used its Middle Eastern little brother as a shield and intended to use the Middle East chaos to divert the attention of the United States. As the curtain of the U.S. general elections is lifted, the truth about the CCP’s manipulation of elections in the United States and other democracies has surfaced. President Trump and the U.S. military have thoroughly recognized the nature of the CCP’s dictatorship and its deep penetration of democracy and its attempt to control the world. President Trump’s abandonment of attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities and the order for the Pentagon to withdraw 2,500 U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Iraq by mid-January are also important signals that the United States has recognized that the culprit of the chaos in the Middle East is the Chinese Communist Party.

At an important moment of the general election, today when the coronavirus is raging around the world, and the United States is almost destroyed by the CCP’s infiltration plan, all U.S. actions and plans have been focused on the CCP, and all plans are paving the way for the South China Sea 72 hours.

72 hours is a countdown to the CCP, so once it starts, will it be stuck and lasting?

The answer is no, and it will not take more than a week!

Miles Guo mentioned in the live broadcast on October 17, 2018: “This means that once a battle with CCP occurs, it will definitely not exceed one week. He said: It will not exceed one week. So, the United States has formulated this strategy, no matter what the circumstances of the war, including the fight against Taiwan. As long as the people of Taiwan stand up and resist, saying: we now ask the United States to intervene. He said that the U.S. military will not enter for more than a week and will never fight a war of attrition with you.”

Combined with what Mr. Bannon mentioned in the War Room, “ don’t fight Iran. Iran is just the CCP’s little brother. We don’t need a fire war. We should immediately hit the CCP with a heavy hammer and cut off the supply of dollars to the CCP! Economic wars can bankrupt the CCP, and as long as the CCP is resolved, other problems will be resolved.” We can see that the CCP is actually vulnerable and will collapse as quickly as the U.S. makes up its mind to attack it.

The Four in One is on the way! 

In the live broadcast on September 23, 2020, Miles Guo mentioned that “the attack on the CCP will be an unprecedented war in human history. It is a combination of ultra-restricted warfare + political warfare + decapitation warfare + fire warfare, and it will be the first such war in mankind. It is the integration of the four.” The situation has gradually become clear and reversed. In order to prevent the expansion of civil unrest, the Democratic Party will finally fully understand that the CCP is their enemy to the bipartisan.

In addition to the above trump card for destroying communism, the next step is the truth about the coronavirus. I didn’t understand why the advancement of the truth about the virus was so difficult before, but now I fully understood that because there is too much mud and swamps covering the truth. The foundation of the United States has been eroded by the CCP. And now, the American people have clearly seen the nature of the CCP! The one million supporting Trump’s parade is the best testimony. More and more American people have realized that the CCP is the black sheep. Therefore, the truth about the virus will be the most powerful trump card to defeat the CCP.

Once the truth about the coronavirus is revealed, will it be far away from the trial of behind the scenes who personally deployed and personally directed the virus’s unrestricted bioweapon warfare?

The 72 hours, the truth about the virus, the economic war, and the four-in-one war are all integrated. It is not a dream to defeat the CCP before the president takes the oath on January 20!

By Connecticut Farm -KY (G-news)


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