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Dear followcn visitors,

My name is Isherwood Feng (Yingxiong); I am the founder of www.followcn.com. Cloudy Seagail is my pen name used most often on the site. Only with thoughts on the high clouds and in the deep sea can I have the freedom to see through the truth of the world and deliver the same message.

Dedicated with a mission to build the best online platform about China, for the first years, I have been doing all the technical, writing, editing, translation, designing, and marketing for the most part of the project, with the Buddha by my side.

Now, followcn.com has developed into a whole new level, it is no longer a business owned by myself, it is a platform to be shared for the well-being of many.

As Buddhist, I have a strong belief that every person is a shining mirror born with the same wisdom. If we can clear the dust on the surface of the mirror, full intelligence would return to our mind.

About followcn.com

Followcn is about China, its people, history and culture, values, concerns and difficulties, dreams and hopes, and how the world sees and thinks about it. With news updates, I have a focus on US-China relations and this is also reflected in the session “Opinion“.

I started planning for the project in 2015. I have decided to take the path that no one did in history. And the website was presented live on the internet on January the first of 2017.

Besides the main gateway for news updates, I have a session for Chinese history and another for Chinese culture.

My experience with the study of 5,000 years history is that any success begins with a humble start. Repetition of simple things for long enough must bring about great achievements.

I used to have translated a million words of Chinese history, but I decided to throw the work into the rubbish bin when I first started my Buddhist practice. I do not have time to write poetry or stories; at some leisure times I read novels and story books and had some of the chapters translated here in the session “literature“. This can be another project for long that I need others to join.

In the session of Chinese People, I have listed only celebrities, billionaires, government officials and cultural figures who have made headlines of the news.

As health and religion is one of my key focuses, I write about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) myself and have a session on Buddhism. Similar to the theme, “moral” is also my main concern.

Internationally, I have these sessions: Chinese in Australia, Chinese in US, Chinese in Canada, Chinese in Europe, Chinese in Africa, Chinese in the Middle East, and Chinese in Asia. If you have a story to tell in this respect, you can write to me: editor@followcn.com.

With 5 years experience as a tour guide, I have a session on China Travel.

We can’t find fish in water of purity. “Women” is a session that I don’t know much about but I have created it because some topics may win lots of visits.

Sessions in Chinese

For Chinese readers, I have 3 sessions in Chinese: 中文国学经典大藏经.

As a gift to the Chinese nation, I have the plan to spend over a thousand hours to upload 10 thousand books of Chinese classics and another 7 thousand books of Buddhism for easy reading on the platform. This project is huge as it contains over 200 million Chinese characters. It is the first of its kind on the internet and the good news is that it is close to finish now.

As a whole, most of the contents with FOLLOWCN in both Chinese and English are kids-friendly, and can be used as supplementary readings for students in schools and universities.

I know the power of the media. The space of my mind is the space of my business. I follow the Buddha’s teachings, “Do what is good. Never do evil. And keep your mind in peace.”

Related websites

With the purpose to treat my mother’s illness, I studied traditional Chinese medicine and thus created another Chinese website on the subject www.solyex.com.

Naturally along the way with web design, marketing and entrepreneurship, I have another website www.tramartt.com which I offer solutions to internet success. And currently I carry a business with a lawyer and other partners in Australia: Tramartt Group Pty LTd.

This, together with others, seems to be distracted from the main theme, but they actually are supportive to each other as I have always focused my attention on the main task.

Published Books

In about 20 years, I have written and published about 20 books, mostly Chinese in Buddhism and Culture. Some of my Buddhist books have thousands of readers across the world.

Books in English

Communism is dying: China 2018-2019

《战神郭文贵》(英文)(You can download this book free here.)
Miles Kwok: the revolutionary whistle blower

Health starts with mind


Knocks at the door of life

Books in Chinese

Master’s View of Dao De Jing

A Buddhist View of the Analects

Power of Mind

Inspirations of Śākyamuni’s Life

Insights of the Surangama Sutra

Argumentation of Lankavatara Sutra

Notes and Commentary to Sixth Patriarch’s Platform Sutra

Commentary Notes on Avatamsaka Sutra

About the Diamond Sutra

The Land of Ultimate Bliss

Buddhism of Tang Dynasty

Chinese Buddhist Century Review: Chinese Buddhism in the Last Hundred Years

History, Justice, Faith, Prejudice

Selected Speeches on Buddhist Practice

Practice as a Buddhist

As an English tour guide for 5 years from 1993-1998, I had the opportunity to travel to Buddhist mountains and temples across China. But I have not built a connection there.

After I migrated to Australia in 2003, I attended Church services very often in the first two years, though never baptised by Christianity. I have been searching for the meaning of life.

I went back to Buddhism in books in 2005 and thus was a frequent visitor to the library at Hurstville in the following two years.

I really think I have done lots of evil and I occasionally write articles in Chinese to reveal the ugliest and dirtiest side of my soul.

I became a Buddhist in 2006 under the direction of Master Jingkong and started Buddhist meditation and was a vegetarian for the following ten years.

With more questions and doubts about the real meaning of life, I left my work and family behind for some years travelling again to Buddhist mountains and seeking answers from Buddhist masters.

From 2005-2013, I studied Buddhist Sutras in greater depth and started a systematic writing on Buddhist Study. During the period, I often slept in my car or in open wilderness for the night besides meditation.

In 2010-2013, I joined the Chan Buddhist School under the name of Veteran Master Yuanyin and practised the Tantric Buddhism – the Mindful School of Tantric. After three years, all my doubts and questions about life seemed to have disappeared.

As some of my books on Buddhism gained some popularity, I began to meet more Buddhist friends. In 2011, I was invited to a study debate to Shaolin Temple by the Chinese Buddhist Association.

In 2011, my brother donated a building of 5 thousand square meters for me to build a Buddhist venue in Foshan City. But the venue was ordered to close by police on completion of decoration and later a similar office was sealed up by the Communist authorities, in addition to other properties valued at about 200 million RMB.

35 Years in mainland China

I was born in a poor peasant family in rural Guangdong Province.

I was said to be dead at the time of birth. Seven days later I recovered just hours before my parents were preparing for my burial.

At the age of five (until ten), besides household chores, I started to weave fishing nets as a family part-time business. At an early age, I had thought myself to be different and I must find a way out of the poor village.

In 1979, I was the first and only student in the local primary school who passed the county-level examination and was admitted into Enping No.1 Middle School.

I often went hungry in middle school. My scores were at around 30th place among the 50 classmates during my junior. In the three years of my senior, I was always at the top three. My gratitude went mostly to then 60-year-old English teacher Ms. Chen Meijian. My English name Isherwood was gifted by Ms. Chen.

For four years, I majored in foreign trade and international relations in Guangzhou Foreign Languages Institute. I did OK with my scores but I really did not like the environment there with the noisy airport nearby.

After graduation, I was assigned to work in Guangdong Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau. I left the government job for better payment as an English tour guide and interpreter.

For about 5 years with China Travel Service (Guangdong) and its Macau office, I had the opportunity to serve thousands of guests from over 50 countries. That opened my view to the world besides the chance to travel across the country.

From January 2000- June 2003, I was an editor and news presenter with Guangzhou TV Station.

After migration to Australia in 2003, in addition to my Buddhist practice, I worked as GM assistant for so years with the office of China Certification and Inspection Group in Australia.

For 30 years, my work may have taken many forms, but my theme for life has been focused and never changed. I value freedom more than anything else; and I carry on with my mind and my soul.

You are welcome to join Followcn

Thank you for visiting followcn.

I love China and the Chinese people, the same as I love Australia and the world. The country of China should have an open internet so that more people can come in and see the website.

Followcn is your gateway to China and window to the world. Besides the devotion to making itself a success, followcn makes it a commitment working for the benefits of all beings on earth.

We live in a challenging time which is historical. For a better future of the Chinese nation and the Chinese people, the world community has embarked on a mission to take down the Chinese Communist Party. I chose to join the fight with followcn.

To keep followcn.com always free and support independent journalism, or if you think followcn has inspired you a lot for good, you can help by donating to followcn  or buy a book. If you are looking for opportunities to better your wealth and success, you can check out some of these products and services.

After some years, a strong foundation has been built and followcn.com has grown into one of the best-welcomed platforms telling the true stories about China. It’s time now to invite more friends.

If you are looking for a cooperation, an advertising space for your business or just want to say something, you can contact me at: woody@followcn.com

All my best wishes to you!




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