A spectre is haunting China as President Xi stresses ideological and political education in schools

Social media deserves blame for spreading the Christchurch video, but so do we.

The communist ghost is haunting China as President Xi Jinping on Monday, presiding over a symposium in Beijing for teachers of ideological and political theory, stressed efforts to implement the Party’s education policy and foster virtue through education with the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The CCP Chairman said, “Being committed to the great cause of the Chinese nation, the Party must nurture generations of talent who support the leadership of the CPC and the country’s socialist system and devote their lives to the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

For over a century, communism and socialism are haunting the Middle Kingdom and have brought numerous disasters to the Chinese nation.

To join the Communist Party, a candidate must make this admission oath, “I hereby declare, by oath, that I am committed to joining the Chinese Communist Party on a voluntary basis, and I absolutely and entirely admit all allegiance and fidelity to its program and constitution; that I will fulfill a Party member’s duties whole-heartedly and carry out all the Party’s decisions; that I will strictly observe the Party’s discipline, and guard all its secrets; and that I will maintain loyalty and faithfulness to it, working hard and fighting for the prospective Communism throughout my life; and that I will be ready at all times to sacrifice all I have in the interest of the Party as well as the people, and that above all, I will never, ever betray the Party in all weathers.”

Not just CCP members, President Xi wants all students in Chinese schools to devote their full efforts to the course of socialism or communism and even sacrifice everything of their ownership including their lives for the leadership of the CCP. It is apparent the president has the tendency to punish or even eliminate those who are not going to give him the support he wants.

Xi said yesterday, “It is essential to gradually open and upgrade ideological and political theory courses in primary, secondary and tertiary schools, which is an important guarantee for training future generations who are well-prepared to join the socialist cause.”

During the CCP “two sessions”, three scandals occurred in Chinese schools: thousands of students from Tianmen Vocational College took to the street in protest of education frauds, thousands of parents stormed a primary school in Sichuang for feeding their children with rotten food, and a dozen primary school students in Shangdong were injured in a knife attack.

While the CCP has planted the seeds of hatred in the hearts of many school kids, President Xi wants every Chinese student be a probationary member or pioneering successor of the CCP. Besides doing this by his own wish, the President has violated China’s Constitution which gives people the right to choose.

“Efforts should be made to foster a new generation of young people capable of shouldering the mission of national rejuvenation, and those who have all-round moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetical grounding with a hard-working spirit,” Xi added.

Under the communist dictatorship, the so-called China Dream is only president Xi’ personal dream as he has never openly asked the Chinese people what they want or have hoped for. The mission of the hard-working Chinese is only to enhance the centralized power of his dictatorship.

In a tightly restricted society, people of the whole nation have become unbearable as the Party simply can’t tolerate anyone who has a different view on society. We all know that no media in the country was allowed to report on the above school tragedies.

Among more censorship scandals, Ma Ling, a blogger who commanded an audience of more than 16 million people, went conspicuously silent last month. The authorities had designated her a threat to social stability only because she posted less than ten words on corruption and inequality.

In reality, there is no freedom of speech in China. In 2019 alone, in less than three months, the authorities have closed more than 140,000 blogs and deleted more than 500,000 articles on the internet, according to the state-run Global Times. The Constitution which states these words is the biggest joke on earth.

Ridiculously enough, in recent weeks, Chinese internet users, sick of all the hatred being spread online, are flocking to groups on the most popular Wechat, QQ and other social media where they can pay to be given exaggerated compliments. As the communist ghost is haunting China, the Chinese society has become a land of demons and evils dancing day and night.

Yesterday, Preisent Xi stressed that the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era should be used to educate people and guide students to strengthen their confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics and to boost patriotism.

While the CCP is the biggest liar and creator of fake news, the “confident” government under President Xi is targeting false information on the internet and recklessly blacklists anyone who says negative things about the Party.

Xi said the CCP Central Committee attaches great importance to education. “We are fully confident of and capable of running ideological and political theory courses better,” he said.

As the CCP has always been good at political movements and propaganda campaigns,  education in schools is the key battle ground that the CCP must conquer at all times, in running its toxic ideological and political courses, and also falsely rewriting Chinese history.

The president said ideological and political theory teachers must have strong political integrity, deep feelings, creative thinking, broad vision, be disciplined and upright.

The president must be mentally ill when he made such commanding remarks. How can anyone, not just teachers, has “creative thinking and broad vision”, if they are restricted to communist ideology? That was a self-contradictory argument.

Stressing the innovation of ideological and political education, Xi instructed teachers to improve the ideological and theoretical level of the courses and make the courses closer to students and more focused. “The ideological and political courses should deliver the country’s mainstream ideology and directly respond to false ideas and thoughts”, he said.

What’s the mainstream ideology? And what are the false ideas and thoughts? – in President Xi’s mind. I guess everyone should know what’s in the president’s mind when he says these words – nothing but feces and shit rubbish!

More than that, Xi ordered Party committees at all levels to put this work high on agenda and to push forward the project to coordinate the design of ideological and political courses at primary, secondary and tertiary schools.

What a vile heart President Xi has, same as other CCP officials, to poison the Chinese younger generation as such? The terrorists in New Zealand’s mosque shooting claimed that they had been inspired by the CCP ideology from China. Without reflection on their crimes, the CCP controlled state media was reported to use this shooting tragedy as a political opportunity for their diplomatic conspiracies.

But few people in the west seem to have been aware of communist threats from China.

According to Xinhua, President Xi Jinping will pay state visits to Italy, Monaco and France later this week, from March 21 to 26. Besides signing more agreements with France and Italy who support his Belt and Road Initiative, the President would probably meet the Pope of Vatican too for more secret talks.

The spectre of communism is not only haunting China; it is haunting the world.

By Cloudy Seagail


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