A song from the Dream of Red Mansions – vivid description of CCP officials as traitors at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

Dream of Red Mansions

Sordid rooms and vacant courts, Replete in years gone by with beds where statesmen lay; Parched grass and withered banian trees, Where once were halls for song and dance!

Today about 3000 CPPCC members and 2000 NPC members are gathering at the splendid Great Hall of the People. Those court rooms are all beautifully decorated to entertain these well-selected statesmen of the nation. The grass and trees around the Tiananmen Square are also furnished to celebrate these festive conferences.

We will see in some years, the rooms will look sordid and the courts will become vacant as many of these statesmen, announced as state traitors and enemies of the people, are on their way to prison.

After a short period of chaos and turmoil in the country with the downfall of the Communist party and its dictatorship, the Chinese people will be all out singing and dancing at Tiananmen Square to celebrate the victory of freedom and democracy in this beautiful land.

Spiders’ webs the carved pillars intertwine, The green gauze now is also pasted on the straw windows! 

Under CCP rule, Chinese government officials live in extravagance and indulgence while millions of ordinary Chinese are suffering in poverty. With the CCP in power, those communist dictators act as brides and grooms every day. China Central Television or CCTV Station is their imperial court and its female anchors are their concubines.

Every year thousands of Chinese come to Beijing for petitions or protests, especially during the “Two Sessions” of the communist government. This year, security fences tied around pillars were set up around the hotels as residence for these “people’s representatives”, preventing them from both petitions and protests. These “people’s representatives” are also restricted from interviews by foreign media. Peking residents living near these hotels are requested to have their windows closed at all times during the “Two Sessions”.

What about the cosmetic fresh concocted or the powder just scented; Why has the hair too on each temple become white like hoarfrost!

Not be aware of the fact that human cannot escape the process of birth, aging, sickness and death, these CCP officials are reckless in stealing the people’s wealth and property, engaged in widespread corruption and sex scandals, and trying to mislead the people and confuse the world with tightening censorship and toxic propaganda. They have put on too much make-up on their faces and dyed their hairs dark. But one day their ugly faces will decay and their hairs turn grey.

Yesterday the tumulus of yellow earth buried the bleached bones, To-night under the red silk curtain reclines the couple!

One generation after another, the CCP leadership started one political campaign after another, causing the abnormal death of more than 30 million innocent Chinese, their bones exposed in the wilderness during the Cultural Revolution, in addition to social and cultural disasters. But the Chinese people seem to have forgotten history due to propaganda of the communist party who falsely amends historical records over and over. Tasting the buns with fillings of human flesh, many Chinese are once again hailing the CCP-advocated China Dream that will soon turn into a nightmare.

Gold fills the coffers, silver fills the boxes; But in a twinkle, the beggars will all abuse you!

Such state traitors as Vice-Chairman Wang Qishan has accumulated billions of dollars by corruption and bought over a hundred properties in the US for his family. They will soon be brought to justice and beg for life as criminals.

While you deplore that the life of others is not long, You forget that you yourself are approaching death!

Wang Qishan has despised the ordinary Chinese people, calling them “deplorable” as dogs and pigs. He has ordered to demolish the houses of many innocent people and put millions of people into prison. Due to his crimes and brutality, his days are numbered.

You educate your sons with all propriety, But they may some day, ’tis hard to say become thieves; Though you choose (your fare and home) the fatted beam, You may, who can say, fall into some place of easy virtue!

Wang Qishan thought he had planned the best for his future generations, including his illegitimate children by giving them the best education in the US, besides stealing the wealth of billions from the Chinese people and transferring them into US banks. But very soon people across the world will spit at his children and punish them for the crimes he has committed. His sons may end up in prison and his daughters may become prostitutes to make a living.

Through your dislike of the gauze hat as mean, You have come to be locked in a cangue; Yesterday, poor fellow, you felt cold in a tattered coat, To-day, you despise the purple embroidered dress as long! Confusion reigns far and wide!

As traitor, Wang Qishan is never content to be a vice-chairman of China; he wants to become an emperor. His greed for wealth and power will make him end up in hell.

Although all these CCP officials are well-dressed in their most beautiful suits, they live everyday in fear and confusion.

You have just sung your part, I come on the boards, Instead of yours, you recognise another as your native land; What utter perversion! In one word, it comes to this we make wedding clothes for others! 

Today 3000 CPPCC representatives and 2000 NPC representatives are performing on stage at the Great Hall of the People. All of them are filled with pride and prejudice. They think that they represent China and the Chinese people, but ordinary Chinese take them as clowns and villains.

The CCP leaders think of themselves as the owners of the country while looking down upon the ordinary Chinese; but by blood they actually are sons and daughters of Karl Marx who have come from a foreign land, rather than offspring of the Chinese nation.

A survey reports that over 90% of these CCP members have family members holding foreign passports. People call these “Two Sessions” a gathering of parents of foreigners. How could the parents of foreign citizens decide the fate of 1.4 billion Chinese? If they are so confident in their own road, why all of them have sent their children overseas and let them become foreigners? 

Their lives no more than a game or a drama, their efforts will all be in vain. As 70 years of communism in China is coming to an end, the performances of CCP officials as traitors will be called off as the curtains are rolled over the stage.

Communism is dying. Soon it is time for freedom and democracy to take the stage in the beautiful land of China.

By Winnie Troppie


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