A political riot has happened in China to topple President Xi, says Miles Guo


Dear warrior friends!

Today is August 13th. Have you done your physical exercises, warrior friends? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis?

Dear brothers and sisters, I believe some people may have learned about the news. On August 13th, or yesterday in Mainland China, I believe that you have known what happened in Beijing and Shanghai. I was told that it was a small-scale political riot, an attempt at Xi Jingping and Wang Qishan. That has scared Xi and Wang to death.

Wang Qishan was supposed to wait for some big news at home. The result did not work out right. It was a serious incident.

But I believe next, as Xi Jinping is visiting South Korea and other close neighbors, he must be facing more deadly incidents.

It has never been like this before: Zhongnanhai (the CCP’s official residence) has become the least safe place in China and in the world too!

They have to change places to sleep at night. This is really fun, right? This is the reality the Communist Party leadership is facing today.

The CCP must face this. It has created fear for all mankind for a hundred years. Now, it faces the greatest fear. This is one thing.

Another thing, in Europe. I did not expect to hear that the United States has won widespread support as Pompeo promotes the denial of the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist regime. He has won unanimous agreement.

So now everyone is thinking: the U.S. says the Communist Party is illegal; who is legal, then?

Some people said Taiwan is legal but later thought it was absolutely impossible, as the majority Chinese population couldn’t accept that. I wish that the Chinese would accept Taiwan as the legitimate government.

Lastly, our New Federal State of China, a Chinese overseas institution, is winning more and more support. Most people still don’t know the New Federal State; they really do not. But people are willing to learn about it.

In the end, there is this agreement: we must try all means to let the Chinese people have a political future that is accepted by the Chinese population and the people of the world. There must be a legal inheritance, that is, a power elected by one person one vote.

First, deny the legitimacy of the Communist Party in the world, and then give the Chinese people a choice. The New Federal State of China must be one of them, right?

Though our New Federal State of China does not participate in politics, we can act as a promoter. Some people contacted me last night and said, “Miles, would you like to participate in the next…”, Oh…I can’t say this. “There is a meeting, would you like to participate?” I said I would not participate. “Can you send someone to attend?” I said NO.

The New Federal State of China does not need money or power. The only thing we do is to overthrow the Communist Party. It’s as simple as that! No politics.

Warrior friends, think about this historical process. The past century is the darkest era in the history of the Chinese nation. At this time of humiliation, you can receive encouraging news every day: The whole of mankind is now discussing the Communist Party, how to define its illegitimacy. And we are among the most critical factor, can you imagine, comrades in arms of the Whistleblowers’ Movement?

Another thing, many countries have expressed their views that the United Nations shall be reformed after the US election. There are only two options: restructure a new United Nations, or completely changing the current United Nations. This is the first time in human history, please remember. I, Miles Guo, is the first to say these words: we, the Whistleblowers’ Movement, must let the UN take off the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party and the current government of the People’s Republic of China to represent the 1.4 billion Chinese people in the world. This is my suggestion and it is now on the agenda. If the Communist Party is stripped of its legitimacy, it will instantly collapse.

Another thing, the economic decoupling. This is one of the aims of Secretary Pompeo on his trip to Europe these two days. I can say it today, but I could not yesterday. They are now discussing how to decouple from the CCP, how to reduce the impact of decoupling, and how to decouple in a consistent manner. Dear friends, whoever in the past hundred years has dared to even talk about this topic!? No one!But now, it is in progress!

Another thing, the Communist Party. No one has ever dared to say that he will overthrow the Communist Party and even eliminate it. Now the whole world says that the Communist Party must take full responsibility for the virus and it must be sent to the trial. We, the Whistleblowers Movement, are the first ones who have raised the topic to discuss the overthrow of the Communist Party, the trial of the Communist Party, and the elimination of the Communist Party. Now, this topic is on the agenda of all mankind. How does this sound, warrior friends?

And another thing, the whole world must prepare for the arrival of a new China without the Communist Party. It is necessary to separate the Chinese from the Communist Party, and we must form a unified political language and have unified actions for that. Brothers and sisters, who can separate the Chinese from the Communist Party? Who can make the Chinese be respected again in the world? Only us, the Whistleblowers’ Movement!

And another thing, friends, about Hong Kong! The world has taken action to protect the safety of Hong Kong people. Hong Kong’s unfulfilled agreements – those signed but not executed by the CCP – must be continued in the new China without the Communist Party. And Hong Kong will always be a bridge linking the East and the West. This is happening today. Who can imagine this will happen? And who was able to achieve this?

Another thing, overseas assets of high-ranking Communist Party officials must be seized, either in Europe or in the United States, including those of their illegitimate children. Travel by the Communist Party members must be restricted, and all overseas assets controlled by the Communist Party must be confiscated. And this is happening now!

That’s it for today.

Warrior friends, please wait for the good news!

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Guo
Translation by staff



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