A Chinese traffic policeman made over 6 million US dollars in 7 years by punishing drivers


Changsha Intermediate People’s Court in Southern China’s Hunan province held a hearing involving a traffic policeman Mr. Xiao who had taken bribery amounting to 42.46 million yuan or US$6.32 million in seven years by helping drivers clear their penalty points.

According to local state media Xiaoxiang Morning Post yesterday, Mr. Xiao who worked in Changcha City Public Seurity Bureau was charged of bribery and abuse of power after he unlawfully accepted bribery or requested money from drivers for a total of 1055 times in 7 years.

The indictment states, from March 2010 to November 2017, Xiao made use of his employment as a computer operator and his administrative power in processing penalty records to change or delete related data of violators. He had worked secretly with 9 agents who presented him gifts for 471 times except the cash deposit of 100 to 500 yuan to “process or delete one piece of penalty record”.

One of the agents was named Mr. Zhong. In about two years, Zhong gave a total of 1.835 million yuan to Xiao who helped his clients to alter or delete their violation records. For each transaction, Zhong paid Xiao a standard amount of 100-2250 yuan in different violations.

Xiao confessed in court, “When I was first assigned a job at the Penalty Department, I met Zhong for the first time, in 2010. He walked to my window, talked a little while and asked me out for dinner. After knowing my job responsibilities, he repeatedly asked me out for meals. According to our agreement, he would only pay 50% of the penalty prices. If it was a 200 yuan penalty, say, he would pay only 100 yuan; if it was 100, he would pay 50, so on and so forth.” Zhong claimed that he had made about 3 million yuan by acting as an agent for many drivers who paid him additional 10% commission.

This is a common case in China and thousands of Chinese policemen are still doing this on a daily basis. Xiao’s lawyer was still arguing with the prosecutor whether Xiao had “actively asked for bribes”.

In the past decade, Chinese traffic authorities have installed tens of millions of cameras on China’s roads. The main purpose is not for public safety, but for collecting fines. Every police office has their channels or methods to make money through these cameras, in addition to willfully stopping drivers for penalty checks.

One of the channels is called “deleting the penalty points”. According to the Regulation on the Implementation of Road Traffic Safety Law, traffic violators are penalized with a fine together with adding demerit points to their driving licenses, same as in most western countries. But Chinese traffic police has a different way to handle these violations. When the fine has been paid to the designated account in the banks, the records cannot be deleted. But if the violator can pay the police a certain amount of money, the police can help delete the records in the computer so that the driver does not have to pay for the fines, or only pay part of them.

It is very often the case that whole police office or bureau is engaged in the crimes collectively, not just one individual policeman. That’s why many people in China know that country is ruled by evil police.

In this magical case, this lowest level traffic policeman made about 6 million annually, continuously for 7 years. He must be a very hard working guy, making 20 thousand daily or nealy 3 thousand every hour. That was truly magically! Does anyone believe that he has committed the crimes all by himself?

Let’s give another example. China has the Measures for the Detention Education of Persons Engaging in Prostitution and Whoring. According to this law, the policy of education, persuasion, and redemption shall be adopted in detention education; Public Security Authorities shall be in charge of detention education.

It also states, for the purpose of these Measures, the term “detention education” means the administrative compulsory education measures for providing legal education and moral education to persons engaging in prostitution and whoring, organizing them to participate in productive labor, and conducting inspection and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases on them.

The implementation and policing of this law makes millions if not billions for Chinese policemen by collecting fines from families or friends of those detained prostitutes. The crimes and evil of China police are devastating in related aspects.

According to law, a detention education center shall set up detention rooms, as well as places for education, labor, medical treatment, recreational and sporting activities, among others. This rule not only applies to prostitutes, it can apply to any innocent individual citizen in the country.

Chinese police willfully checks the ID of anyone walking down the streets. And forgetting to carry the ID card would result in police custody. In order to create more wealth, Chinese police collects fines from anyone under detention. The fine can range from as little as 10 yuan to many thousands. No one can deny this is reality under CCP rule in China.

Critics say that is the best business in China: using state power to collect fines from the people. In the case of Xiao, he might be sentenced to prison for some years. But the crimes will continue, not just in his office, but all across China.

By Winnie Troppie


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