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Pros & Cons of Alternative Medicine, Modern Medicine, & Traditional Medicine

Although TCM is 3,000 years old, it is still evolving, and its prevalence and practice is growing throughout the world. It is used to prevent and treat disease.

Are you a healthy person? Look at these simple things.

In TCM, there are herbs to turn the cold into warm by a process of steaming. When your body has always kept warm, you are in good health.

TCM Healing Modalities

TCM has a variety of natural healing methods that can help you resolve your health issues. These ancient healing forms have been used effectively—without harmful side effects—for thousands of years.

Chinese Herbal Medicine – frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Western herbalism and Chinese herbal medicine? There are two main differences between Chinese and Western herbalism.  Western herbalism primarily treats diseases or symptoms, such as headaches, runny nose, stomach pain, etc.  Chinese herbal medicine is based on an individualized pattern diagnosis as well as disease diagnosis.  A patient receives a...

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine and What Can It Treat?

Many of us don’t see our Western doctors until issues like digestive health, anxiety or inflammation-related autoimmune conditions have affected us to a point of severe dis-ease. Unfortunately, the Western medical field has been slow to produce lasting treatments or identify lasting maintenance programs for these types of chronic conditions. With the recent trend of...

How to Keep Yourself Healthy While Studying

A healthy body equals a healthy state of mind is the simplest way to live and experience good studying habits. You get to wonder why you are always at the library borrowing revision materials the day before exams and you end up burning the midnight oil. This is because you probably have unhealthy studying habits...

China is promoting coronavirus treatments based on unproven traditional medicines

The Chinese government is heavily promoting traditional medicines as treatments for COVID-19. The remedies, a major part of China’s health-care system, are even being sent to countries including Iran and Italy as international aid. But scientists outside China say it is dangerous to support therapies that have yet to be proved safe and effective. There...

Miracle of Qi

It’s impossible to say anything about TCM without talking about Qi (chee), the energy or life force within you and all around you. It’s all energy; everything is energy. We know this now from discoveries in modern physics.

Why Traditional Chinese Medicine works in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, those with diabetes are prescribed corn husks, asthma sufferers are given soups made out of flying lizard, and arthritis is treated with the powdered cartilage of deer antlers. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a well-respected form of healthcare in east Asia, but to what extent is it effective?

The Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) encompasses a variety of herbal medicines and mind-body practices, such as acupuncture. While popular in China and in many other countries as a primary or complementary health approach, its efficacy has not been investigated. However, existing research does suggest that many herbal remedies are effective to treat conditions such as constipation...
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