Monday, June 27, 2022

Are you a healthy person? Look at these simple things.

In TCM, there are herbs to turn the cold into warm by a process of steaming. When your body has always kept warm, you are in good health.

Overview of Chinese Herbal Medicine

The system of herbal medicine that developed in China differs in several significant ways from European herbal medicine. The most obvious difference is that the Western herbal tradition focuses on “simples,” or herbs taken by themselves. In contrast, traditional Chinese herbal medicine (TCHM) makes almost exclusive use of herbal combinations. More importantly, these formulas...

Chinese Herbal Medicine FAQ

Q. What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? A. Chinese Herbal Medicine has evolved over thousands of years. In Chinese culture it is considered part of their food culture, and is seen as an ordinary part of diet that can influence a person's well being. It uses many hundreds of different herbs described in the Chinese pharmacopeia that are...

Chinese Herbs Can Be Good Medicine for You

Chinese herbs are an important component of holistic therapy. In trained hands and with medical supervision, herbal therapy is good medicine.
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