A healthy person shall have these following six points in his daily life:

  1. Sleep well, at least from 11.00pm-5am without waking up in the middle;
  2. Good appetite: feels hungry before every meal;
  3. Go to the toilet once a day in the morning; light yellowish in good shape like a banana; not sticky and easy to wash away.
  4. Urine 5-7 times a day; lightly yellowish and apparent; no urine during night sleep.
  5. Hands and feet always warm every day.
  6. In good spirit during the daytime; don’t want to sleep during the daytime. For females, periods 3-7 days in 28 days; color red, no sticky blood, no pain, no bad smell.

With the above ideas in mind, you can check your health by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Can you sleep well? When do you usually go to bed? Can you sleep well into daybreak without waking up in the middle? If you wake up in the middle, can you go to sleep soon? Do you have many dreams? Do you feel confused about your dreams?
  2. Do you have a good appetite? Do you feel hungry before meals? Do you have a special favor for foods (like sweet, salty, hot, sour). Or do you have no appetite for food? How is your taste?
  3. Do you go to the toilet every day? At what time? Do you have constipation? Can you see the food fully digested? Does your toilet smell badly or not? What color is the waste?
  4. What is the color of your urine? Clear, clear white, light yellowish or deep yellowish? Do you feel cool or hot with the urine? Is the process smooth? Can you feel it right when you are going to urinate? How many times a day? Do you go to urinate at night during your sleep time?
  5. Do you feel thirsty? Do you want to drink hot water or cold water? Do you often forget to drink water? Will you still feel thirsty after drinking enough water?
  6. Do you feel your body warm or cool? Or cold? What about your hands and feet? Especially in winter.
  7. Do you sweat often? Or easy to sweat? Do you sweat during night sleep? Or you do not sweat at all? Do you feel the sweat cold or hot?
  8. Do you feel energetic during the day? In good spirit? Or always feel tired? Do you feel yourself full of vitality? Can you concentrate well?
  9. For females: has your menstruation gone earlier or late? Do you feel pain? What about the amount and color? fresh red or darkish red or slightly red? Any sticky blood? What about vaginal discharge? What about the amount and color? Any bad smell?

Always keeping your hands and feet warm means keeping cancers away:

In our body, we have two kinds of water or liquid: cold and warm.

One is cold water which is disease-related. Cancers, bad bateria and tumors like to live in cold water. The other is warm water which is good for health, that’s why your breaths are warm.

Most western medicines are cold in nature. When you have western medicine, they mostly turn your warm water into cold water. This is really bad.

When the cold water stays in your body, it will become good living environments for diseases, for cancers to grow. They need two things to grow: cold water and nutrition. To recover, you need to turn the cold water into warm.

In TCM, there are herbs to turn the cold into warm by a process of steaming. When your body has always kept warm, you are in good health.

By Isherwood


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