A healthy body equals a healthy state of mind is the simplest way to live and experience good studying habits. You get to wonder why you are always at the library borrowing revision materials the day before exams and you end up burning the midnight oil.

This is because you probably have unhealthy studying habits that lead you into panic mode once the exam timetable is out. Here are some points to note for you to stay healthy while studying.

Feed on healthy meals

Nourish your body with healthy foods such as oatmeal, eggs, and yogurt, which are rich in fiber, healthy fats and protein. They enable your brain to be alert and process information swiftly. This enhances your response to activities around you, such as how well you engage in a dialogue with your group members.

Exercise your body

Your brain is set to record new information once the nerve cells in your brain bind together. Indulging in exercises stimulates your brain to do this and it activates your mindset to increase attention and alertness. Take some time and ride a bike to school every morning and you’ll ultimately see the difference in your productivity.

Have adequate rest

Sleeping ensures your body is re-energized overnight and you end up being fit and active throughout the next day. An active mind enhances your brain’s ability to process information quickly. Ensuring you adapt your routine to have 6 hours of adequate sleep every day will tremendously help you in your studies.

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Maintain proper hygiene

Wake up in the morning and take a shower that will leave you feeling fresh and confident. Maintaining proper hygiene also boosts your mental health and it portrays a sense of confidence and self-love. Create a routine that enables you to care for your body and mind, like getting a relaxing massage at a pallor.

Drink enough water

Staying hydrated improves your motor skills by activating your muscles through the supply of adequate oxygen. A hydrated body can co-ordinate its nerves in transmitting information to the brain, which interprets it and ensures effective action is taken. Have a portable water bottle that you should always refill with water to ensure you stay hydrated.

Interact with people

Socialize with friends and family and be open-minded in letting new people into your life. You are happier when you express your daily experiences with others and you get to know the different cultures of people. You value their importance and find meaning in solving problems as a group.

Schedule for enough breaks

Understand how your brain functions like when you get exhausted after 2 hours of studying. Take a break by letting go of the book, going out for a walk or taking a nap. This can take a few hours, depending on the amount of knowledge it consumed. This increases alertness once you get back to learning.

Go for therapy

A brain occupied by stressful thoughts tends to shift all attention and energy to the thoughts, leaving you distracted off your schoolwork. This might lead you to truancy, making you not achieve your goals. You need to reduce college stress by taking deep breaths, stretching your arms and legs while studying and minimizing distractions.

Explore on your talent

Take some time away from your studying materials and draw an animal or your best friend. Go to the music class and improve on your singing abilities to ensure you enter that awaited concert at school. Talents enhance creativity since you get to explore them at different levels by making many trials and errors.

Make studying enjoyable

Cover your books using the coolest covers that appeal to you and get stationaries that are themed to suit your preferences. Enjoy some soothing music from the background as you try to crack a code. All these make the learning experience something to always look up to and fun.


The process of studying requires a good sense of mind achievable by maintaining good health habits. Having a positive attitude towards learning isn’t easy, especially when you encounter pressure from teachers, parents and society.

By taking care of what you consume, your sleeping habits and your mental health is when you get the stimulation of wanting to gain knowledge. Ensure you take heed of your health before beginning your studies because it’s the primary source that determines your level of concentration.

Author’s Bio:

Jeremy Raynolds works for a non-profit that works towards bettering the education system in the underdeveloped countries. He’s also a professional writer and works for an online writing portal as a lead writer for essays, thesis and dissertations. In his free time, he loves watching action moves, trying local food and flying drones.



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