Everything Is Energy

It’s impossible to say anything about TCM without talking about Qi (chee), the energy or life force within you and all around you. It’s all energy; everything is energy. We know this now from discoveries in modern physics.

When you break solid matter down into smaller and smaller portions, there is nothing solid or physical about it at all—it’s just invisible energy. So the basic “building block” of everything in nature and the universe, including our own bodies, is energy.

TCM’s Deep Understanding of Qi

Energy or Qi, as the Chinese express it, is at the very heart of TCM. With thousands of years of direct observation and deep experiential knowledge of Qi, this holistic medicine has a complete understanding of energy and how it moves and functions in the body and throughout nature. TCM’s deep insight and expertise on energy are what make it a profoundly accurate and effective healing system.

Qi Has Power and Intelligence

It’s true that Qi is energy, but the aspect of Qi relating to power or animating force is just part of the picture. Qi is also intelligence and function. What does this mean?

Have you ever wondered how the rising and ebbing tide keeps perfect pace with the lunar cycle? How a tree knows it’s time to sprout leaves? How your body adjusts to its own internal rhythms as the seasons change from winter to spring? Qi allows all things to communicate with each other and change at both visible and invisible levels. It is Qi that carries infinite messages and pieces of information, connecting all things and all dimensions. Both aspects are needed: you could say that the power of Qi needs the intelligence of Qi to give it direction and focus.

Qi Promotes Change and Healing

Qi is Life. Without it there can be no growth, no change. Your body cannot exist one second without Qi. When you die your Qi leaves your body—it’s transformed. If you view any health issue from the TCM perspective, with an understanding of the fluid and transformational qualities of Qi, it becomes clear that nothing is unmovable, unworkable, or permanent. At the level of energy, nothing is impossible to heal. It’s the level where miracles can happen. The requirements for healing just have to be met.

Progression of Health Issues

Symptoms Are Signs of Imbalance

You wake up one day and realize you don’t feel well. Perhaps you find yourself feeling uncomfortably full with somewhat intense stomach pain. But it’s before breakfast—it doesn’t really make sense. You skip breakfast and go to work.

What’s really happening here? Your body is showing symptoms, which are signals that it has somehow fallen out of balance. Yet the actual “fall” hasn’t really happened that morning. Most likely, it’s been more of a free-fall over a period of time. There were probably red flags showing all along the way, signals that you didn’t know how to read or simply ignored. From the TCM point of view, reading and acting on those signals is a crucial step to remaining well.

Most Health Issues Begin at the Level of Energy

Most people don’t realize that many health issues begin at the level of energy, Qi. What does this mean? Before an issue reaches the physical body with visible symptoms (like indigestion or acid reflux), there has to be a disturbance or imbalance somewhere in that person’s energy body. Western medicine now states that breast cancer, for example, is present in the body for some eight years before it is physically detectable. Where is it? Why can’t it be detected with state-of-the-art modern medical equipment? The answer is the cancer exists at that point at the invisible level of energy, Qi.

Progression of Health Issues

Every health issue has a root cause from the TCM perspective, and this is what TCM doctors identify and address in treatment. And there is a path—an energy time line—the issue follows before it becomes visible and impossible to ignore, and it can move something like this:

Your Qi is in balance and harmony. You feel well, which is to say you are not aware of any discomfort.

Your Qi falls out of balance and harmony. You might start to feel vague discomfort and intermittent symptoms. Let’s say you are the person who has woken up with the digestive disturbance described above. You might have experienced frequent burping or a bitter taste in your mouth in the months prior to that morning. Perhaps you’ve tried to deal with the problem by self-medicating, hoping it will go away.

Your internal organs start to show signs of energetic dysfunction and problems communicating with other organs. Your symptoms become more prominent and uncomfortable. At this point in the time line, nothing would show on standard Western tests because these tests can’t detect anything present on the level of energy, or what is known as a function disorder. A function disorder is on the energetic level.

The issue has become a physical problem. If you are the person with the digestive issue, you finally call your doctor and he or she sends you for tests. It is then determined you have a tear in the lining of your stomach from too much acid. You now have a physical health issue.

Is There a Purpose to Health Issues?

Think about this statement, Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is always for a good purpose. When we find ourselves in the midst of a healing crisis, we can actually choose to see it as a path towards our own healing and growth rather than an inconvenience or an obstacle in our way.

Your body-mind-spirit has an innate wisdom, and if you are not living your life in a way that reflects your life’s mission or spiritual purpose, that wisdom can kick in and produce symptoms to get your attention, to initiate change and greater wellness. In other words, your frustrations, or unresolved life issues will eventually manifest on the physical body to help you make changes in your life.

Source: TCM World


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