In 2005-2006, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. That means my bowel was breeding when I went to the toilet. That was very much troublesome and disturbing.

I was hospitalized for a week at St. George Hospital in Sydney and went through the regular bowel screening, check-ups, and the process of treatment.

After two months when most of the days I was given some paste to be inserted from under, the process helped a little but the problem was not solved.

I went to China and had another bowel screening at a public hospital. Then I started another process of TCM treatment with Chinese herbal medicine including hemorrhoids suppositories.

When I came back to Sydney, besides taking regular Chinese herbal medicine, I started to try to make my own formulas. And I changed my diet totally and started to be a vegetarian for the following ten years.

In about 6 months, my problem was solved and the ulcerative colitis “was gone”.

But ten years later in 2015, the same problem occurred and my bowel was once again breeding when going to the toilet.

I was hospitalized again at St.George Hospital. I thought after ten years, there might be new medicines or better ways of treatment. But unfortunately, the doctor told me the same story and asked me to go through the same process of treatment.

I rejected the medical advice and said to the doctor that I wanted to be out of the hospital immediately and tried to treat the disease myself. The hospital asked me to sign a letter to waive off their responsibility and let me out without treatment.

I tried the same TCM method and improved my own herbal formulas. This time things got easier and I was back to normal again in about two months.

But the problem was not cured. Three years later in mid-2018, my bowel breeding occurred the third time. And this time it was getting more serious. Besides ulcerative colitis, I had inner hemorrhoids and annal fissure. My regular treatment did not work out well and the problem lasted for 5-6 months, periodically, sometimes good but sometimes bad.

I had to go deep into medical books and do the study.

Ulcerative colitis or UC is a kind of inflammatory bowel disease. It comprises a group of diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract.

The disease occurs when the lining of my large intestine (the colon), rectum, or both becomes inflamed. This inflammation produces tiny sores called ulcers on the lining of my colon. The ulcers may cause bleeding and discharge of mucus and pus.

While this disease affects people of all ages, men after the age of 50 have more possibilities to get the disease.

Common symptoms of UC include abdominal pain, increased abdominal sounds, bloody stools, diarrhea, fever, rectal pain, weight loss, and malnutrition.

There are various types of medications that your doctor may prescribe. Surgery is necessary if you experience very serious problems. Most medications also have side effects.

Most adults have hemorrhoids. Tens of thousands of Australians are suffering from ulcerative colitis or even bowel cancer. About 6,000 people are added to the list every year, statistics show.

According to my doctors: “Currently, there’s no nonsurgical cure for UC. Treatments for the disease only aim to extend periods of remission and make flare-ups less severe.” This is sad.

UC is surely one of the most difficult diseases to have cures. Because we all have to eat and go to the toilet every day. Going to the toilet affects the process of healing and often makes the problem worse; but we have to eat meals and during the process of healing, we also need food to give us the energy to keep healthy.

Predsol suppositories for UC (made in Australia) only help with inflammation of the disease. It did not work after I tried 30 of them. Rectogesic Ointment (Made in Australia) is for hemorrhoids but it has side effects (It damages the heart). I also used Proctosedyl Ointment and Anusol Suppositories. The results were not satisfactory.

I also used Musk hemorrhoid ointment Jiuhua Mountain hemorrhoid ointment of traditional Chinese herbal formulas. The results were not satisfactory in my case, either.

In order to study the disease and cure my problem, I consulted several physicians of western medicines and took their medicines. I consulted a dozen TCM practitioners and took their herbal medicines. Sometimes, their medicines made my problem worse and I was suffering more severe bleeding. Although I know some of their formulas were not as good, I took the medicines all the same, only to make this a process for self-study. At the same time, I recorded the process and wrote about my study.

For about ten years, I have studied the disease in depth and tried over 100 herbal formulas for my problem, and have figured out what works.

Today, I can say that I have found the final solution. My solution is in three steps:

First, stop the bleeding and don’t let the disease deteriorate.

Second, dissolve the rotten flesh (blood waste) or mucus and clear them away.

Third, support the production of new flesh/skin while at the same time prevent further inflammation.

After many trials, I have selected and only used herbs for the treatment. It is a friendly treatment with no side effects at all. And it does not cause any pain.

Today, I am going to release my secret formulas to the world and help more people from their suffering.

But please read on.



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