How I have gone through the threats by coronavirus

I am the founder of and I have been reporting on the coronavirus in New York since January 18 besides exposing the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and warning people of the threats that the CCP regime is bringing about to the world.

By February 21-25, when the CCP government was fighting the wet disease hard in China, coronavirus had already been spread to the world. South Korea’s cases soured and Italy imposed a lockdown. The US government formed a Special Task Force to deal with the coronavirus spread.

On March 1, Donald Trump was quick to shut off all flights from China. Unfortunately, he did not do the same for flights from Iran, Italy, and other European countries at the same time. The virus soon spread to many parts of New York.

I had a shared office at 26 Broadway right in the heart of Manhattan. In two months and a half, I have lived in Jersey City, Upper Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Flushing.

Although I have paid rent until the end of April, I retreated from my Manhattan office on the 10th of March and stayed in an AirNBN suite in Brooklyn; later I moved to a safer place in Flushing for 21 days.

In addition to my daily reporting, I have been paying attention to TCM drugs in dealing with the disease and doing some research about it.

In the past ten years, I have studied TCM in some depth in order to treat my mother’s illness and my own ulcerative colitis. In the process, I created a website on Traditional Chinese Medicine and started to do some translation and write about TCM in English.

I know that coronavirus is a wet disease and the solution is hot medicine.

Dr.Ye Tianshi, a famous medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, talked about a similar pandemic in his Discussion of Warm Diseases and the ways to deal with it.

According to Dr. Ye, this kind of pneumonia relates closely to water rather than fire. That’s why it is called a wet disease. It has a longer incubation period but only incurs a lower fever.

When the warm disease comes, it attacks from under and will soon reach the lungs. Then it turns around to attack the heart. If we can have the patient stop the virus to go upwards to attack the lungs and dissolve the wet substances with hot ingredients, then it won’t be able to do harm to the heart. And this is the key to fight the disease.

Back to my own story.

I had booked my return flight on April 5 with American Airlines. A week before departure, I checked with AA to confirm that there was a minor change to the departure time but the flights were not canceled.

At 12:00 am on April 5, I checked out my room and started to leave Flushing for JFK Airport. It was very difficult to find a taxi or Uber, so I took the subway with a transit back in Manhattan.

When I arrived at Times Square Subway Station, it was about 1:15 pm. I wanted to go to the toilet and thus I left the train at the station. Upstairs, I tried to go to the public toilet but it was closed. I tried the lift, wanting to go to the third floor for the toilet, but the lift was closed too. I immediately felt that I was very stupid not to think of this ahead of time.

I looked around the subway places, it was like hell. The plight brought to this brightly illuminated hub of New York by the CCP virus was so real and alive.

I went back to the train and continued my journey to the airport, without going to the toilet. When I sat and looked around, I found in and outside the train mainly tramps and beggars. I gave out my last one-dollar note to a beggar. Although mask on most of the time, I had a sense then I might be infected in and around there.

Because I had to wait a longer time than usual for the train to move forward, it was almost 3:00 pm when I arrived at the departure terminal of JFK International Airport.

The terminals were all empty and the whole area looked like a deserted place.

After I checked in from the machine and sat in the waiting room, I had the idea that I should have two boarding cards instead of one. When the machine asked me my destinations, both Dallas and Sydney showed up and I chose yes. But only one ticket was printed out. I checked with the counter staff and was told I should be given another boarding card on arrival at Dallas. I was much at ease and sat back watching TV.

The flight departed on time at 6:00 pm. The Boeing 787 with over 300 seats looked just empty with only 5 passengers and about 8 attendants.

It was 9:07 pm local time when I arrived at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. I wasted no time contacting the AA customer service and was told to go to Gate D14 for Australia flights. According to the schedule, my flight from Dallas to Sydney should be 10:15 pm.

When I went to D14, I saw nobody waiting and there was no sign of anyone working around. Airport shops were closed, and people, though in small number, were leaving.

I asked airport staff around me and was told all international flights were canceled. I went back to the AA counter and two ladies were still on duty. They checked my flight details and confirming that my flight with the AA-Qantas link was canceled and there was no possibility of any further flights tomorrow or the following days. They said to me, “International flights are all shut off!”

It was about 10:30 pm and I felt a bit tired. I had no way to go and planned to stay at the airport for the night. I thanked the ladies who were feeling sorry for me, adding “Don’t worry about me! Everyone knows it is an accident. I shall just stay at Gate D 14 for the night”. AA was very kind to offer me a night at Embassy Suites by Hilton together with a taxi voucher. I was lucky to have a place to rest for the night.

After I checked in the hotel, I did not immediately go to bed. It was midnight but Australian time it was Monday morning. I checked the Australian government website and contacted the related department. Although I waited a long time for the hotline, I was able to talk to an official and discussed my situation. She was not able to help or offer any workable suggestions.

Lying in bed, I thought of my way out: in case I was stuck in Dallas, what shall I do? At this time of national lockdown, there is no way I can find a place to live or work for a long period of time. I have only about 3,000 dollars in my bank account and two thousand more to be used in credit. That won’t last long. Even if the hotel gave me another night, I shall not be able to afford to stay in any hotel here in Dallas.

I made up my mind: I would go back to the airport tomorrow and stay there for as long as the international shut-down ends, that I can fly back to Australia with the same flight ticket. With the money left for food, I can just survive at the airport for some time. “Then starting from tomorrow, I will start to work again and continue to write news articles about the pandemic at the airport!” With these thoughts, I went into a deep sleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, I changed my mind.

After breakfast (so kind that breakfast was included in the room voucher), I waited until 9:00 am and called the Australian Consulate-General in Los Angeles. The office was closed. Again I called the Coronavirus Support Hotline, and a gentleman answered the phone. I asked if there were any flights back to Australia. He told me to check Qantas’s website but always an error message came out. He told me to check Google and look for any possible commercial flights. I did that and I was lucky again: 5:45 pm same day from Dallas to Sydney with United Airlines stops over at Denver and San Francisco! I immediately booked the flight.

At 12:00 am, I checked out of the hotel and took the hotel shuttle bus back to the airport. The driver was kind and talkative. He said it had been five to six days that the sky of Dallas looked misty and that was rare. There were already over 3,000 confirmed cases in the city and everywhere looked quiet and empty. We exchanged information on the pandemic and I told about the crimes of the Chinese Communists bringing about the disasters all over the world. He wished me well and safe with my flight home.

I waited five hours at Dallas airport which was mostly empty with those similar restrictions.

For the first two hours, I was the only passenger sitting at the departure Gate. I retreated to some corner floor and meditated for half an hour or so.

After two hours, three more people joined the waiting.

Suddenly, I felt I needed to go to the toilet. It was diarrhea, in a small amount. I thought I just went to the toilet in the morning. This is something different, exceptional.

After the toilet, I felt weak and sat back on the chair. When I felt my legs, I felt the muscle there in pain, which was abnormal.

I looked for something to eat. There was one and only grocery store open. I bought two chocolate bars and a bottle of water.

Two hours before departure, a total of six passengers were waiting. I stood up and had a walk-around, with my mask on.

As I walked along, I felt some sore throat and some drought in my throat, later a pressing chest and a bit of short of breath, no coughs. I drank some orange. The symptoms soon subdued.

Suddenly I felt numbness in my tongue and my mouth. I was kind of shocked and my heart beat faster. I felt something was coming: I must be infected with coronavirus!

I bought another orange juice and two more chocolate bars because there would be no meals served during the flight.

For the last hour of waiting at the departure gate, I was a bit nervous. I thought of giving up the flight and reported to the airport authorities right away that “I am infected, please give me a test.”At the same time, I kept a distance from anyone and always had my mask on.

I thought if I was admitted to a hospital in the US, time would go very long and things would be more unexpected. But back to Sydney, I still had at least 30 hours to go and anything would happen during these long flights.

I finally decided to go on with the flights and proceed to the next journey. And I prayed in mind to Amitabah Buddda to give me the courage and strength!

During the flight for several hours, I didn’t feel any discomfort in my body. It should be that the drug that I took has worked.

I changed planes in Denver and San Francisco, and when I finally boarded the flight to Sydney, all the uncertainty disappeared. I felt safe, even if I would die.

As I closely traced the origin of the many possibilities of my contracting coronavirus, I think the most possible place was the Times Square subway station in New York and the time was noon of April 5th when I changed train there for the transit to JFK International Airport.

I felt the first symptoms of leg weakness and tongue numbness besides diarrhea before I boarded the transit flight at Dallas of Texas the following day.

I took precautions during the flight by taking traditional Chinese medicines and also tried to keep my distance and avoid affecting others on the plane by always wearing a mask.

I arrived at Sydney Airport on the morning of April 8. Although I showed no symptoms at all on arrival, I told the awaiting medical people that I might be infected with the disease and asked for a test. A doctor inquired about my health and said no need for medical assistance. I was asked to get on board a bus for isolation after I checked out the Customs.

In the afternoon of the same day at Travelodge Hotel, I felt very tired and had diarrhea again. Besides continuing to take herbal tablets from my suitcase, I instructed my wife to prepare TCM formulas of herbal liquids for me.

In the evening and early morning of April 9, I felt my situation getting worse, I strongly felt something is coming within my body; I felt much uneasy all over. Besides the tiredness, I felt a little bit of fever, occasionally numbness of the tongue, and more diarrhea. I started to take liquid herbal medicine to cope with the situation.

About noon April 10, besides other symptoms, I felt my heart beat faster and the virus was attacking me from under. Later in the day, it attacked another time and I took more liquid medicines to confront it.

I know coronavirus is a “wet disease” of a negative factor according to TCM theory, my prescriptions are “hot dried herbs” of a positive factor to fight the disease. During the days, my tongue has been thick white.

On the morning of the 4th day in isolation, about 5:00 am, I started to develop more symptoms, and things getting worse by the hour. I was a bit short of breath at about 8:00-9:00 am but I was short of herbal liquid. I called the reception and asked for a doctor. A doctor (or maybe an ambulance) came and checked my temperature. He did not see me in any serious condition and suggested I stay in the hotel instead of going to the hospital.

In the following 3 days, the virus came about two times every day, attacking my heart and my lungs. Every time I took the herbal liquid to build a defense and the confrontations normally went on half an hour to an hour. I felt tired and weak after each fight. I was not able to take notes of the details because my situations were weak.

I did not experience any loss of consciousness although I felt dizzy a few times during the confrontations. The words here are plain, but the fighting has been hard. If I ever failed in one confrontation, the virus will get into my lungs and I shall have collapsed.

On the night of April 14, I saw my tongue bleeding. I was shocked and called the doctor. After some consultation, I said I would monitor myself for more hours before a possibility to be taken to hospital. But hours later, my situation improved a lot. My tongue for the first time turned from white to red, though with some darkness.

The next day, I started to have a bit of phlegm and a bit of cough. My urine showed a bit of yellow instead of clearness all the time. I knew I have got over this virus.

I felt totally exhausted yesterday after the final fight. For 7 days, I have never had a good sleep but yesterday evening till now, it was 7 hours sleep. I knew I am on top of the disease now. An hour before after I woke up, I instantly took my computer and started to write in bed.

After eight days of isolation in the hotel, the government arranged a coronavirus test. The next day, the doctor called me and said that my coronavirus test result was negative: I didn’t have coronavirus.

Yes, or not, only God knows. However, one thing is certain: I was recovering.



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