98% overseas Chinese boycotts President Xi’s African Dream


Yesterday in his public speech, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced another $60 billion package of aid, investment and loans to Africa, against a backdrop of growing concern about rising debt distress on the continent.

The China-Africa Cooperation Forum and Xi’s show-off has been a topic for hot debate online among overseas Chinese. Yesterday we selected a typical article from Wenxuecity and looked into the comments. We calculated 103 pieces of comments and found that only two people have favored President Xi and his keynote speech. This is similar to conducting a survey online and it tells the truth of how most Chinese have thought about their own motherland.

We are doing some translation as follows:

Excerpt from CCTV News:

Recently, according to CCTV broadcast, President Xi Jinping will preside over the China-Africa Cooperation Summit 2018 in Beijing. The summit will take place in Beijing on the 3rd and 4th of September. This is a grand gathering of China Africa friendship as a big family, also a grandest diplomatic arena this year in China where the greatest number of foreign leaders has made their appearance.

In 2000, Forum of China-Africa Cooperation was officially founded. For 18 years, FOCAC has become an important channel for collective dialogues and deepening cooperation of mutual benefits between China and African nations; it is the biggest and most efficient platform for south-south cooperation, a banner leading the direction of international cooperation in Africa.

President Xi makes this appraisal: For 60 years, especially after the founding of FOCAC, China-Africa relations have improved greatly. Looking into the future, China and Africa is welcoming a new era of win-win cooperation and mutual advancement.

Translation of viewers’ comments

Is Pooh Pooh going to marry his daughter to Africa? Like Lady Zhaojun bidding farewell at the border?


This stupid idea must come out of the mind of “I’m the one and only”. Any stupid bank shall check the credit of the borrower.


He won’t even let us Chinese have the freedom to speak on the internet; how can he go free the African people? Such a strange dream of his!


Has he asked for approval of the ordinary Chinese citizens?


Bunny Xi is the second generation of Chairman Mao; he has plans to walk his road a second time.


Knight in green dress quietly comments: don’t be addicted to US and western style of “democracy, freedom, human rights”. Look at the failing history of CCP in laundering money, you are day dreaming, hitting your own face. The Chinese government exports nothing but autocracy. It supports rogue regimes, speaks for autocratic nations like the Soviet Union, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Cuba, Burma, Sudan, Syria, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, calling them China’s old friends, good friends to give out cash to. This old friends like Kim Jun-en of North Korea, Castro of Cuba and Mugabe of Zimbabwe all have their extortions and cruelty of killings. They have one thing in common: dictatorship. No wonder China has been exempted from the civilized world, the main stream of humanity. From these cash receivers and faces of its friends, we can see how vicious the CCP is and how ugly its image is in the world arena.


Regardless of ideology, I want to ask “what is your standard for a beautiful dream that you have pledged to let all Chinese and African people live a happy life”? Are you saying for sure that they can be happier than the North Korean people? Do you know that a happy life index has an internationally recognized standard besides your assumptions? Besides please tell me, is your so-called Confucius Institute another form of export of Communist ideology? Is that part of your grand propaganda scheme?


To Knight in green dress: do you know the rights for democracy, freedom and human rights are inherent, without difference in the west or east? Please clarify this before making any more comments.


Only 2.6 billion? I guess this is the dream for the whole world too! The clothless emperor is the savior of the whole world!


“Join hands to create a closer China-Africa community with the same fortune, to construct a common fate of humanity” proposed by China does not stress ideology, not like the US or West, who force others to accept its “democracy, freedom and human rights”. We are not promoting China model, only saying “committed to achieving a good dream for Chinese and Africans to live a happy life!” Isn’t this wrong? Everyone wants a happy life. Because we are not talking about ideology, this can be widely accepted. —As a matter of fact, we see Xi Jinping’s wisdom here: avoid acting against the US or saying NO to US model; he’s walking another way, away from ideology and political systems, only mentioning “pursuit of a happy life”. What he actually wants to say is that: there is not just one way leading to happiness, but many ways. China model is one way, Singapore model is one way; Saudi Arabia model is another; they all serve the same purpose. Don’t just favor the US or Western “democracy, freedom and human rights”.

青衣侠(Knight in green dress)

I have a dream too. Emperor Xi, let the children go back to public schools in Leiyang County!


(You) have always stressed that China is a developing country, with lots of people under poverty. But you haven’t done your job to pay for your fellow citizens; you only think of the chimpanzees in the zoo, fxxck your common community!


Africa has 80% of the world’s dictators as well as poor people. They share the same fate with the CCP.


He is at his last days of paranoia!


Ah!Ah! The irony of “mind prison” is super!


Africa has been part of China since history. The Chinese ancestors came from Africa. China at last finds its ancestors!

心囚(mind prison)

What is “common fate of humanity”? Xi is blowing off again? Didn’t he pledge that the CCP and the US should mind their own things when he first came to power? Now, where comes his common fate of humanity?


Do all the African people like to eat buns?


Bunny is dreaming again!


He’s still dreaming, together with those not-so-nice Africans.


Bunny is crazy now!


The Communist pigs are isolated now, away from humanity.


Ha Ha! Bunny’s stupidity and recklessness is all revealed in Wenxuecity.com.


Editorial: Xi Jinping avoids a political wrestling and now tightens his control again!


Peace is the fore step to development; and development is China’s biggest campaign.

How to handle the wary of developed nations: do not criticize others, or point your fingers at others. Don’t over say anything or over do anything.

In diplomatic activities, avoid disadvantages while working for benefits. Do not create your own enemies; be modest as you grow stronger.

Never be the head of poor countries; they only want your money.

From Selected Papers of Deng Xiaoping, Book 3, page 116-117.


Power grip is the fore step to development; and “how strong our country is” is China’s biggest campaign.

The wary of developed nations is “I’m stuffed”: be a real man, roll up your sleeves and work hard; the road is under your feet.

Diplomacy needs flexibility; wait for your enemy to step down or die if you have one.

Counter western values with fate sharing; ask other to do the same when you spread money along the Belt and Road.

From Selected Papers of Bunny Shop Owner; Book 3, soliciting opinions.


I’m wordless. Is he truly stupid or totally ignorant?


The next hot product for sale is the Piggy’s Dream.


In the eyes of the CCP, they never have any friends; they don’t look at human as human, only slaves.


CCP has been so cruel to the Chinese people; do you think they will do any good to the African people?


An African dream? Only Bunny’s own dream.


The more money he gives away, the bigger his dream is!


Xi has put forth a wonderful proposal. A common community for mankind, “China is doing its best to support Africa, a lofty act”, you should have said this, “Liberalize the whole world before liberalizing the Chinese.”


Splendid! Let the Africans speak Chinese, write Chinese characters and Chinize Africa!

Let me have Chinese citizen treatment: give them toxic vaccines, toxic milk powder, table oil from drainage, 360 degree censorship, dismissal of low people, family planning, and more.


Hearing he says 2.6 billion people, I am totally at ease; I should go to sleep and make some dreams!

Everywhere red, no need for sun rise, another Chairman Mao born, working for the death of its people …he is the savoir!


Since Xi came to power, his neck has been disordered in the form of fly dreaming.


China man has a small penis; this cooperation with Africa will help to enlarge his penis.


I strongly support Piggy’s investment in Africa, better at least one trillion US $!


Dream different dreams in the same bed!


I should never give up until the sinking of the CCP ship!


I am shouldering a great mission, to yellowish the Africans by marriages.


Fate? Same fate? The CCP believes in fate?


He’s critically ill, he’s doing everything he can to find a dotor!


China is to pay the price in this dream. Half Chinese will become black.


I propose Piggy the Pooh paint his face black so that he shall be more easily accepted by the Africans.


Piggie thinks he is ambitious with a great mission!

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