8 reasons why life in China is so great


Are you planning on moving to China? Perhaps you’ve secured a well-paying job, want to start or expand your business there, or you want to explore various attractions in this great Asian country. No matter your reason for moving to China, living in this country offers an amazing intercultural experience. You’ll have a chance to tour the countryside, such as the deltas of two key rivers in China, the Yangtze River and Yellow River, experience the sensational festivals, and try different Chinese cuisines. In this guide, you’ll discover eight convincing reasons why life in China is so amazing.

1. Its natural beauty

The Jiuzhaigou National Park (photo via INSTITUTE FOR PLANETS)

If your perception of China is of a vast metropolis with jammed roads, vast crowds of people, countless factories producing cheap products, and a smoggy gray sky, then you’ll be surprised by the real China. This country is endowed with natural beauty, from Inner Mongolia’s grasslands, the mysterious karst highlands of Guangxi, the massive rice paddies of southern Yunnan to the beauty of the Sichuan-based Jiuzhaigou National Park. No matter where you stay in China, you don’t have to travel far to experience the natural beauty of this country.

2. Enthralling Food


Are you a fan of great food? If so, then you won’t regret your decision to move to China. From the flavorful tang of Sichuan dishes to the mouthwatering nature of Zhejiang cuisines among more than a dozen kinds of food, you’ll never run out of new flavours to excite your taste buds. What’s more, you can find some of these delicious yet cheap eats in the street.

3. Diverse Culture


Although around 92 percent of China’s entire population is made up of Han Chinese, there are 55 other ethnic groups, as well as hundreds of thousands of expats. Each ethnic group has its own unique food, clothing, music, architecture, holidays, and much more, which makes China a culturally diverse nation. Yunnan province is the ideal place to experience the diversity of China’s ethnic minorities because 26 of the 55 ethnic groups live there.

4. Lovely Language


With four tones and more than 10,000 characters, Chinese is undoubtedly a difficult language to master. But with dedication and daily practice, you can become an expert in this beautiful language. You can learn the language from locals or enroll in groups that offer Mandarin lessons for free. Understanding and speaking the Chinese language will open new doors for your business, as it can help you connect with potential customers and employees.

5. Popular Attractions


China is progressively transforming into one of the world’s must-visit tourist destinations. When you live there, you’ll have easy access to Shanghai, Hong Kong, the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Palace Museum, and more. There are thousands of beautiful places to visit and a host of things to do. China is also home to 55 global UNESCO heritage sites, so you’ll always have new things to see.

6. Effective Public Transportation


China has one of the most effective public transport systems in the world. You can visit all four corners of this vast nation by bus or train. With over 29,000 kilometers of high-speed railway in operation as of 2018, China has the world’s largest high-speed rail network. Besides high-speed trains, there are also slow trains for those who want to travel while enjoying scenic views and mingling with locals. The extensive train and bus systems enable you to visit more places for less. They are always expanding their transport system.

7. Opportunities


Due to its expanding economy, China is experiencing fast-paced growth in almost every industry. For this reason, companies throughout China are looking for young talents to help in expanding. Moreover, the rapidly growing economy, coupled with receptive consumers, provides lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to open new businesses in China.

8. Hidden History


Did you know that the compass, paper, printing and gunpowder are inventions of the Chinese? What about the fact that Shanghai hosted over 20,000 refugees from Germany during World War Two? This massive nation has a wealth of history that you may never have heard before.

Packing up and relocating to China may seem daunting, but it could be the best decision of your life. The massive Asian country has a diverse and exciting history and culture that could keep you coming back throughout your whole life. It also has numerous opportunities for professional development and business growth.

By Elliot Rhodes (People’s Daily Online)

About the author: Elliot Rhodes is enthusiastic about everything related to money and investing. Originally from Ithaca, Elliot obtained his MBA Degree in Supply Chain Management and Finance at Syracuse University. For the past 12 years, he has been a part-time Beijing resident, where he serves as an outsource consultant working with numerous toy and polymer goods manufacturers in China. 

China is really great without the dictatorship by the Chinese Communist Party

I agree with Elliot Rhodes that most foreigners living in China will definitely have the above eight reasons to celebrate their stay in the beautiful land of China. But please remember, for the most part of the population, they do not have the luck as Mr. Rhodes to enjoy the country’s natural beauty, to have the enthralling food, to keep their diverse culture or lovely language, to go for the popular attractions by the effective public transportation, or to be open to equal opportunities. To most of them, history is truly hidden from their knowledge. 70%-80% of the population may suffer from one or all of the following 8 kinds of hardships and sufferings on a daily basis:

  1. There is no religious freedom in the country. Over one million Xinjiang Uighurs are detained in concentration camps. Tibetan Buddhists are under constant persecution.

2. China’s socialist system serves only the officials and the elites. Although China is the world’s second biggest economy, most of the 1.4 billion people are excluded from basic human rights such as basic medical coverage and primary education.

3. China has the world’s most advanced medical and health system for the CCP leadership. To prolong the lives of the officials and elites, the CCP government has a systematic practice for live organ harvest from the lest fortunate.

4. When China does not have an independent judicial system, there is no rule of law in the country. Anyone can be detained or made “disappeared” by police.

5. Without freedom of speech, all media outlets carry only one voice: voice of the party. With tightening censorship and the notorious Great Firewall, Chinese people are blocked from the truths of the world.

6. Ordinary Chinese people do not have the right to vote. Even though the governments and officials are doing evil things everyday, they do not have the right to vote them down.

7. China’s economy is highly developed, but the air is polluted, water is contaminated, and land is poisoned with chemicals. The places that have the best business today are hospitals and crematoria.

8. There are over 50 million Chinese living overseas. Many people are prohibited from going home only because they have said something about the Party or the government.

Sadly in 70 years, the CCP has destroyed the best of China’s magnificent cultures and traditions, and replaced them with “colorful” expressions of communism.

With all the greatness of China, life in the country can really be great without the dictatorship and the Chinese Communist Party.

By Winnie Troppie


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