50 questions to ask the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government

  1. China’s Constitution stipulates in its preface that “Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the guidance of Marxism- Leninism and Mao ZedongThought, the Chinese people of all nationalities will continue to adhere to the people’s democratic dictatorship and follow the socialist road”.When you adhere to a dictatorship, how can you have the “democratic” at the same time?
  1. The Constitution stipulates that “The exploiting classes have been eliminated in our country. However, class struggle will continue to exist within certain limits for a long time to come. The Chinese people must fight against those forces and elements, both at home and abroad, that are hostile to China’s socialist system and try to undermine it.”In its ideology of governance, the Chinese people are still divided into classes and class struggle will be one of the themes in the people’s lives. Is this the source for social turmoil and inequality?
  1. Article 5of the Constitution stipulates, “No organization or individual may enjoy the privilege of being above the Constitution and the law.”Is the Chinese Communist Party as an organization above the Constitution and the law?
  1. Article 35 of the Constitution stipulates that “Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration.”Is this article a joke or lie? Why all the media are requested to bear the name of the party? What about the Great Firewall?
  1. Article 36of the Constitution stipulates that “Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of religious belief.”Communism is the only religious belief allowed in China. Do you agree?
  1. President Xi Jinping reiterated Chairman Mao Zedong’s statement, “With a firm commitment to strengthening the military through political means, we must uphold absolute CPC leadership over the armed forces”.Chinese Liberation Army is loyal to the Communist Party and its mission is to defend the party leadership. For this purpose, it can sacrifice the interests of the people and the country. Isn’t this the fact?
  1. Three Vice-chairmen of the Central Military Commission have either committed suicide or been sentenced to imprisonment in a short period of years. Was that a system failure of the military or just a morale issue?
  1. Hundreds of thousands of veteran soldiers have taken to the streets for protests over and again because of poor treatment and abuse by the local governments, and the government has always encouraged its soldiers to sacrifice their lives for defending the course of the party. What is the serving purpose of the Chinese military?
  1. When the US defense secretary said to his army, “Our military spouses and civilians and children make tremendous sacrifices for this country, and in return, I am committed to ensuring they are properly cared for.”Does the CCP military leadership feel the shame?
  1. The Chinese government advocates that it consistently opposes imperialist expansion, hegemonism, and colonialism. Are the military base in Djibouti and militarization of artificial islands in the South China Sea acts of hegemonism and imperialist expansion?

11.Zhou Qiang, the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme People’s Court of China, claimed, “China’s courts must firmly resist the western idea of constitutional democracy, separation of powers and judicial independence.” Is this judicial system the cause of many wrongful convictions and punishments?

12. President Xi Jinping has said many times in his speeches, “The party governs everything”. Is this statement against the Constitution and the law?

13. “China is a country under the rule of law” can be best interpreted in reality “China is a country under the rule of evil law”. Do you basically agree?

14. Marking the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx, Xin Jinping has praised Karl Marx as the “greatest thinker of modern times” and said “If Chinese are to realize national rejuvenation, we likewise cannot possibly manage without theoretical thought. Marxism is and will continue to be the guiding theory for our Party and nation.” Does the CCP government allow for a public debate on this question?

15.The Foreign Ministry spokesmen and spokeswomen shall represent the voice of the country and the people. How come they have become the most notorious liars in the world diplomatic arena by confusing the world of what is right or wrong, taking “white is black, black is white”?

16. Can international reporters be allowed in to investigate the human rights violations in Xinjiang and Tibet?

17. What is the reasoning behind CCP government’s persecution of lawyers and democratic activists?

18. Is land ownership one of the key reasons in the widespread forced evictions and forced demolition of private properties in China? Why Chinese citizens cannot own their land under CCP governance?

19. Before coming to office, the CCP leadership promised the Chinese people to have ownership of their land. Why the CCP government has not kept its promise?

20. With the destructive Cultural Revolution and the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, can the CCP be free from judgement and punishment from the Heavens?

21. Can the Chinese government publicize how much a retired CCP leader might spend annually for their private life after retirement?

22. Former president Jiang Zemin’s family has been accused of having their organs transplanted by ways of willful killing instead of though the process of organ donations. Can this be independently investigated?

23. Why the CCP officials are trying hard to eradicate the traditional funeral custom of the Chinese people by destroying peasants’ coffins while keeping it largely at Babaoshan Revolutionary cemetery and building large mausoleums for themselves like Xi Jinping’s father in Shanxi province?

24. Dialectical materialism is the worldview and methodology of Chinese Communists. Other people may have different viewpoints. Who gives the CCP government the right to require the whole nation to study and grasp the principle that the world is unified on the basis of matter and that matter determines consciousness?

25. Chinese kids in primary schools or even from three years old are taught to love the party and to have the same viewpoints towards the world. Can Chinese kids be kept away from politics from young age and not become adult-kids?

26. When Chinese universities and educational institutes have the right to return to its mission for academic freedom and become an environment for pursuit of justice and truth?

27. The CCP government has restricted the education and spread of Confucianism as its culture and traditions run against the Communist ideology. Why then the government is working hard to export Confucius Institutes to many parts of the world?

28. For decades, investments and financial contributions from Taiwan and Hong Kong compatriots have helped built China’s modernization and into the world’s second biggest economy. Now the CCP government is threatening Taiwan with a war and Hong Kong by taking away their freedom and democracy. Is that an act devoid of gratitude?

29. Why the CCP government stresses the importance of adhering to the Three Joint Communique with the U.S. regarding the re-unification of Taiwan and has no regards for the binding force of the Joint Declaration with the U.K. regarding the autonomy of 50 years of Hong Kong?

30. In 2018, the Chinese economy passed the RMB90 trillion yuan mark and per capita GDP was close to US$10,000. Can the CCP government tell the people in whose pockets this huge amount of money is kept?

31. Why the CCP government refuses to publicize the personal asset of government officials?

32. When will the notorious Great Firewall be torn down so that the Chinese people can have a free internet?

33. Every years, millions of Chinese are travelling overseas. Can the CCP government stop its people to learn about the truth of the world by sealing up their mouths and covering up their eyes?

34. When the citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the right to vote?

35. Vice Chairman Wang Qishan was accused of having over one hundred properties bought for his family in the United States. Can it be an investigation into the case? Do you believe within the CCP leadership there is a group of traitors?

36. In the modernized society with the world’s second biggest economy, the Chinese population is still divided into city residents and non-city residents with different rights and treatments. Why is the inequality?

37. Why the Chinese government has always taken the side of such dictatorships as Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela in its international relations and claims it safeguards the world order?

38. As a member of the UN Human Rights Council, why the Chinese government has times and again voted against the sanctions and condemnation of the international community against violations in related countries? When the CCP government treats its own people with cruelty and brutality, how can the world believe it can treat other good with its Belt and Road Initiative?

39. The CCP government has always claimed, “This beautiful land of China, home to the Chinese nation and its splendid 5,000-year civilization, has nurtured the lofty idea of harmony between man and nature.” Why at the same time the CCP leadership has always be working to have the communist ideology of class struggle to replace the longstanding cultures and traditions?

40. The CCP government has talked a lot about cultural confidence. Does that mean confidence in traditional Chinese culture or communist culture?

41. The CCP government’s media like Xinhua and CGTN have set up companies or offices in western countries through a Grand Propaganda Campaign, can foreign media do the same to set up branches in mainland China?

42. President Xi Jinping recently announced the expenditure of 60 billion dollars over the Belt and Road Initiative. Do the Chinese people have the right to learn about the process of approving the investments?

43. Major Chinese banks have opened branches in all major countries, can foreign banks do the same to open offices in mainland China?

44. Who has given the CCP government the right to deny re-entrance of overseas Chinese to their homeland and label them as anti-China forces simply because they have anti-communist opinions?

45. A recent government report states, “Today, the 1.3 billion Chinese people are enjoying their life of peace, freedom and happiness, free of fear of war or conflict.” Is that a fact or basically a lie?

46. In over forty years of so-called economic development, the CCP government has polluted the air, water and land with poisons and chemicals. Are these also the crimes of the CCP regime?

47. Every year, millions of Chinese are travelling overseas. Can the CCP government stop its people from learning about the truth of the world by sealing up their mouths and covering up their eyes?

48. The Communist government advocates that it promotes the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. Does the world community want to have a shared future of communist ideology and related values?

49. If the CCP leadership starts a war against Taiwan, will the PLA soldiers turn their guns around and shoot at Beijing within seven days?

50. With the above questions answered or not-answered, has the current Chinese government led by the CCP the legitimacy for governance in the country of China?

By Cloudy Seagail


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