21 Marathoners froze to death in Gansu China, authorities covering up the truth!


On May 22, 2021, there were 172 competitors in a 100 km high-altitude race in Gansu province China. During the race, the weather became very bad as the weather forecaster had warned one day ahead.  The runners suddenly were hit by the hail and wind, plus fast-dropping temperatures, as a result, 21 people froze to death. The authorities avoided telling the truth.

Fortunately, a shepherd named Keming Zhu was not only a witness but also saved six contestants. He received a lot of praise on the internet. He also provided important information to the public to help find the truth for the families of the deceased after this tragedy happened.

In a phone interview, when being asked about the weather, the shepherd Keming Zhu said: “This kind of weather happens frequently in this region”. No doubt Keming Zhu challenged the local officials who already labeled it as an accident caused by extreme weather.

But in another interview, the organizers emphasized it was caused by the sudden weather change. During the interview, the local officials lied all the time. They did not want to take any responsibilities.

According to the shepherd Keming Zhu, this kind of weather happened quite often, why the organizers didn’t prepare to deal with it? The day before the race, the weather forecast already warned locals, there would have level seven winds, but they still did not cancel the mountain marathon. As common acknowledge, extreme weather can be unexpected and unusual, so this tragedy, should have been prevented.

Let’s review the weather forecast for May 21.  At 10:00 pm, the forecast said blue warning within 24 hours. Most of the region would have level 5 to 6 winds, even sudden winds could reach level 7 or above, coming with sand and dust, at the same time the temperature would drop sharply.

So far, we didn’t see the organizers prepare anything for the wind and cold for the runners in this race, such as windproof jackets or tents, etc. Did the organizers only think they would get lucky, nothing would happen? If the organizers thought about marathoner’s safety, they should have canceled the race as soon as possible when they heard the forecast.

The marathoners know how to run in the wilderness, but they do not necessarily know how to survive in extreme conditions in the wilderness. The organizers should make it a priority to think about safety first. Until today, the authorities didn’t want to answer the questions, and the bereaved families didn’t know anything about the incident. On social media, one of the deceased’s daughters asked: “When, will the organizers give us an answer?  What happened?”

Writer comments:

Similar kinds of “accidents” happened in China all the time, and everywhere, but nobody took the responsibilities. When the incidents happened, the organizers just usually gave money to the media to seal the reporters’ mouths, then the media or police will take down whoever’s a question for the tragedy because if more than 30 people died unusually, the province official who is in charge of this field will lose his/her position. That’s why there were only 21 deaths in this tragedy.

It is impossible to find the truth in a country controlled by the CCP, even more, sometimes it is dangerous to do that because, in their eyes, their positions are more important than the Chinese lives. I feel sorry for the deceased contestants and their families, my heart goes out for them. Also, a big thank you to the shepherd for having saved many people’s lives.

However, today’s news confirmed that the shepherd had changed his story, he said that day’s weather was unusual in the region. I can understand the shepherd must be under the CCP’s pressure, and he had to do so. Meanwhile, the local government established 21 investigation groups individually to 21 deceased contestants. The authorities obliged the bereaved families to sign the documents just for exemption. If the bereaved families do not sign, they would not get the death certificates. The deceased person’s property or anything they owned cannot be touched. How evil is the CCP! Eliminate the CCP is the only choice of humanity.

By Vancouver Sailing Farm – abbs

Source of news:http://news.creaders.net/china/2021/05/24/2356839.html

Proofreaders:  一米阳光    Goldfin


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