15-year-old Hong Kong girl was murdered by CCP as confirmed by information

Students demanded truth from un-cut CCTV camera from school management.

According to a piece of reliable information, the CCP murdered 15-year-old student Ms. Chan Yin-Lam.

After her death, the CCP processed her body before dumping it into the sea. The CCP’s original plan was to throw her body from a building. But something unexpected happened while they were preparing her “suicide” scene. So, they had to dump her into the sea in the end.

The CCP then arranged to have Ms. Chan’s fake mother to confirm her mental problem and suicide on TV. Stephen Lo Wei-chung, Carrie Lam and a special group to Hong Kong took these emergency actions, including the TV appearance of Ms. Chan’s fake mother, to silence everyone.

Ms Chan’s mother, the family and her uncle’s daughter were all threatened and have lost freedom.

According to confidential information from our warrior friends in Hong Kong, the CCP has deployed many small groups to handle emergencies in various institutions and locations in Hong Kong. A special group has fully authorized the killings, body dumping, and emergency handling of the “609” event.

At these disguised locations, in the basements of the office buildings, corporate subsidiaries and especially the PLA garrisons, the CCP urgently hid, treated, and facilitated the handling of corpses. They have used many civilian vehicles like frozen food trucks and seafood trucks for the job.

Recently, many trucks for second-hand frozen seafood and other transportation trucks arrived at these locations from Shenzhen and Guangdong. It means that the CCP has planned more brutal actions.

Our friends in Hong Kong, I am warning you here: “Please be prepared!”

Another important thing is that we have got information about no less than 20 crematoria without names. Dear Hong Kong friends, whatever you do, don’t forget those places like the Hong Kong crematorium, and the PLA garrisons in Hong Kong, and those Chinese government’s representative offices in Hong Kong. They are the core addresses for attention.

According to the HK friends who just sent us the names of institutions where dead bodies were transported to, we can see that some are CCP’s representative offices in HK. They gave us the names of those buildings and their addresses. Dead bodies were taken into those addresses.

The messages sent by HK friends are very important to us. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to these HK friends who have risked their lives to send us the information.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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