11.20 Press Conference: Turning Point to Beat the CCP in China


On November 20 of 2018, Press Briefing on the Death of Wang Jian and Truth behind HNA Group was hosted by Miles Kwok and Steven Bannon at Pierre Hotel in New York. In a week, about 4000 newspapers, news magazines and online media across the world have carried reports on the press conference. This is a historical event and signifies a turning point in the battle against the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime in China.

Miles Kwok ignites a revolution by whistle blows

From January 2017, Chinese exiled billion Miles Kwok, also known as Guo Wengui, started to reveal the corruption and sex scandals of Wang Qishan and other CCP top officials. Later, Miles Kwok continues to tell about the facts behind HNA Group, one of the world most reputable conglomerates, and the treasonous crimes by Wang Qishan and the CCP government.

In the beginning, Miles’s whistle blows on Twitter and Youtube and his Seven Principles were widely questioned in the international communities and the mainstream media kept a blind eye from them.

In Beijing, the CCP also kept quiet for a while before mobilizing all forces from its state power and its controlled state media to attack and defame Miles Kwok. They have done everything they can trying to bring Miles Kwok back to China for persecution but failed.

As time passes and Miles’ revelations continue, more and more of what Miles said or predicted proved to be true.

The abduction of tycoon Xiao Jianhua from Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, restriction of China’s richest man Wang Jianlian, the disappearance of Anbang Chairman Wu Xiaohui, the announced retirement of Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma, and the tax scandal of Chinese most noted actress Fan Bingbing … all are linked to what Miles Kwok has claimed in this whistle blows.

The court cases in Dalian, Beijing and Chongqing, the removal of low-end population in Beijing, the vaccine scandal, the P2P scandal, the veteran’s protests, and failure of other Ponzi schemes all add up to close relations with what Miles has claimed as crimes behind the corruption of CCP officials.

To stop the spread of “lies” and “rumors”, the CCP has tightened its censorship not just domestically but across the world. The corrupt CCP regime and its officials become more and more reckless in persecution of innocent people, demolishing churches and temples, burning the Bibles, canceling netizens’ social media accounts, threatening overseas Chinese, and putting a million Xinjiang Muslims into re-education camps.

The trade war started by Donald Trump and his anti-communist policy on a global scale have pressed Beijing to be more open to questioning, and thus helps Miles Kwok with his fight against the autocratic CCP powers. The world has woke up and started to look into the revelations of Miles Kwok and his companions.

What’s shocking to the whole world is that all the major Wall Street Financiers headed by Goldman Sachs have collaborated with the CCP to cover up the truth and all major western media like CNN, VOA, the New York Times, the Financial Times, BBC, and many more have kept their mouths shut up by CCP’s Blue-Gold-Yellow(BGY) threats.

The disappearance of Interpol president Meng Hongwei, the forced suicide by fall of CCP’s Macau head Zheng Xiaosong, and most importantly the mysterious death of Wang Jian in the picturesque village of Bonnieux in France have all put Miles Kwok’s fight against the CCP on the center stage of the civilized world.

The unprecedented Press Briefing hosted jointly by Miles Kwok and former Trump’ s strategist Steven Bannon on November 20 in New York has proved to the world with firm evidence that the death of former HNA Chairman Wang Jian was a “political murder” by the CCP government, and planned by Wang Qishan.

Miles Kwok says, “The CCP has kidnapped the 1.4 billion Chinese. With the constitutional amendment to allow Xi Jinping remain in power indefinitely, both Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping have thought that they can rule the Middle Kingdom for thousands of generations to come. That is their dream. But it is a disaster of the Chinese people. In the eyes of President Xi, HNA Group is nothing but a pile of rubbish. He has supreme power and can do whatever he wants.”

“But their plans will be stopped! The ordinary Chinese won’t let this continue; the western civilizations won’t let this continue. Their dreams are doomed to fail in emptiness!”

From defensive to aggressive, from words of mouth to taking actions

This press briefing on November 20 is the turning point in this great course of revolution by united forces of justice and righteousness globally against the communist rule in China.

Steven Bannon said during the press briefing, “It is shocking to me that it is taking to November of 2018 for this to happen. The recklessness of the Chinese Communist Party’s senior officials, and the recklessness of the financial institutions and senior executives in those institutions to allow this to happen. There is nothing so stunning”.

Miles Kwok remarks, “Corruption is getting crazier in China today. With the trade war, the Chinese people will surely suffer more. The resourceful strength of Wang Qishan and Jiang Zemin in western countries is million times more powerful than Xi Jinping. When these state traitors collude, Xi Jinping is doomed, possibly to meet Bo Xilai in jail. But we don’t care. The best and very urgent thing we care is that the CCP must leave China. I can wait for another ten years! The communist party has caused numerous disasters to the Chinese people for 70 years. It must leave China!”

With the establishment of the “Rule of Law Foundation” announced at the press conference, Miles Kwok and Steven Bannon are to join a greater force from the international communities to take real actions against the CCP.

Ms. Sasha Gong, the journalist who conducted the interrupted VOA interview with Miles Kwo in April 2017, raised this question during the Press Conference, “Is the Trump’s administration knows what’s happening here?”

Although Steven Bannon has denied tactically the involvement of the US government in the Press Conference, the Trump administration is surely the strongest and greatest force behind to support Miles Kwok and in defending freedom and democracy in the whole world.

In his remarks earlier in Hudson Institute and recently at the APEC CEO summit, Vice-president Mike Pence has outlined Donald Trump’s strategy to counter the vicious communist government in Beijing in an unrestricted full-blown war far beyond trade, culture and military.

At the press conference, Miles Kwok says that his team is going to bring about lawsuits against HNA Group and related CCP personnel; he has urged FBI to participate into related investigations; the US will issue court notices for investigations, and the Rule of Law Foundation will provide assistance to all those under CCP threats or persecution.

The situation has changed, “the plate turned all over now”, and Miles’s fight against the evils has shifted its course from attacks of mouths to real actions, surely from a defensive mode to a more aggressive strategy of actions.

Miles Kwok is not alone. The actions will be full-blown, from tougher stand of the US Trump administration, tariffs on Chinese goods, more scrutinizing on Wall Street financiers and military show-off in the South China Sea, to condemnation of CCP’s human rights abuses, legal actions against individuals and institutions, confiscation of CCP top officials’s assets and properties, as well as virtual blows on the Fifty Cents on the internet.

In this fight against the CCP, people with conscience will stand up, the media will stand up, Hong Kong and Taiwan will stand up, all the 1.4 billion Chinese will stand up.

A decisive progress in 2019

In history, the ordinary Chinese has the love and patience for peace in the world, but they have been fed up with the recklessness and cruelty of the Communist Party for too many years.

The Press Briefing on the death of Wang Jian and the truth behind HNA group is the most convincing description of the crimes of the CCP. The world now has a clear idea about the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and the political situation in Beijing.

Countless Chinese CCP members and private businessmen will wake up to reality and think more of their future under the rule of CCP. Countless people in the west have also come to sense of the threats with the expansion of communist ideology in the whole world by way of BGY. We now understand that the CCP is not going to turn the country of China into a prison, but a kindergarten where their recklessness prevails everyday.

In the coming years, the name of Miles Kwok will become a phenomenon, a name that stands for justice and righteousness, a name of a great man who will strive for individual dignity and equal rights for all Chinese.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms opens with this phrase, “The world under heaven, after a long period of division, tends to unite; after a long period of union, tends to divide. ” The trend of the world for today is to protect the rights of the individual and let each and everyone have the right to choose.

Historically China has the dynasties of divisions as well as dynasties of unification. But the bloodline of the Chinese cultures and traditions never ends. It is the CCP who has interrupted the traditional values of the Chinese and poisoned the bloodline with Marxism and communism.

“The reunification philosophy of the CCP is the source of all evils in today’s China. It deprives every individual of their rights to pursue freedom and democracy.”Veteran Fang says these words in Lude Talks yesterday.

“Too many people know about Miles Kwok and his press conference days ago, but they just keep quiet under high pressure of censorship”, he added. “Change is under the water”.

China has to change, and “The CCP must leave the country”, as Miles Kwok has put it.

It might be a long process and result in bleeding, but that message is firm and clear.

All is just beginning!

By Cloudy Seagail and staff writer



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