Hu Shuli and Caixin Global: toxic injection into western media


Chinese media Caixin founder Ms Hu Shuli is seen in the west as one of China’s most respected journalists. She was called China’s most powerful commentator by the Financial Times in 2006, and The Wall Street Journal cited her as one of Asia’s Ten Women to Watch.

But in the eyes of most Chinese, Ms Hu is one of the most notorious and disgusting women who has plotted with the top CCP officials in numerous plans to make up stories and deceive the general public. She is no more than a watchdog and machine tool of Wang Qishan in the so-called anti-corruption campaign against his political opponents.

One typical instance, Caixin Global was the first media in the world to report the death of former HNA Chairman Wang Jian. Its July 4th report read as follows:

“HNA Group, the former highflying Chinese conglomerate that has come under pressure for its heavy debt load, said on Wednesday that co-founder and Chairman Wang Jian, 57, accidentally fell and died from his injuries during a business trip in France.”

“A source close to Wang told Caixin that he was visiting France on a business trip and took a break to visit Avignon in Provence, an area popular with tourists. He became unconsciousness after falling more than 10 meters (32.8 feet) off a wall. The source said that after regaining consciousness while he was being treated at hospital, the only thing Wang said was that his feet hurt.”

The world knows today that Wang Jian was a victim of “state murder”, and the so-called “death after falling more than 10 meters” and “that his feet hurt” are all fake stories.

Whenever Wang Qishan wants to punish a certain political enemy, Ms Hu Shuli is right behind him to “investigate” and “make up stories”. Chinese blogger Hecaitou said: “She’s got blood on her blade, and her clothing smells of gunpowder.”

Ms Hu Shuli has been very much experienced and skillful in fabricating materials and making up news reports. As a CCP outlet, she has been so professional in her “fake journalism” for 30 years that she not only deceived the general Chinese audience but also won herself such awards as the 2011 Shorenstein Journalism Award from Stanford University, and Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism in 2012.

Reuters was the first media in the west who also carries a similar report on July 4th,saying “Chinese conglomerate HNA Group Co-Chairman Wang Jian died during a business trip in France on July 3 in what local police said appeared to be an accidental fall from a wall while posing for a photograph.”

Earlier We have already questioned the accountability of Reuters in journalism when it comes to reporting about China in the past 30 years after Reuters signed an agreement with China Radio and Television Administration to sell video materials to dozens of Chinese state-run TV stations.

Last week, Australian Financial Review (AFR) signed a deal in Sydney week with the Beijing-based Caixin Global, which paves the way for the two outlets to publish each other’s content, according to ABC, and The Fairfax newspaper has published its first stories from Caixin Global on Monday.

The AFR’s editor in chief Michael Stutchbury provided an excuse that the newspaper was not being paid to run Caixin’s content, and the article in question was not by Caixin but was an opinion piece commissioned for a forum on Chinese investment in Australia, co-hosted by the AFR and Caixin.

ABC reports that “Caixin already has partnerships with other news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News and the BBC while the Australian Financial Review also collaborates with others such as the Financial Times, The New York Times and The Daily Telegraph in the UK.”

And I can extend the list. Among the most scandalous, The Financial Times and the Economist in UK, the Le Figaro in France, and the Deutsche Welle in Germany have all become their captives and kissed the ass of the CCP.

The CCP knows the greed of the western media well and is very good at cooking the frogs in warm-up water. And most mainstream media in the west have become corrupt in the past 30 years or so under the Communist BGY (Blue-Gold-Yellow) scheme.

Donald Trump has named many of the US media “fake news”, and for a long time the mainstream media elites in the whole western world have become so “without conscience” that many have acted as “evil supporters”.

ABC says “Questions have been raised about the Australian Financial Review’s decision to sign a content-sharing agreement with a Chinese media outlet subject to Chinese Government oversight.” Most journalists in the west do not have a deep understanding of the anti-human nature of the CCP and the fact that all media in China are either run by the state or under strict government censorship.

Many westerners hail Ms Hu Shuli as the most outspoken journalist in a tightly-controlled environment, for her “independent” investigative reports about sensitive issues in the country. None of them knows that she and her Caixin media is a crafty fox raised and controlled by the vicious Communist leadership.

It is not the first time Chinese media outlets have linked up with western publishers, and Caixin Global is only carrying out its mission in the CCP’s global propaganda campaign.

Earlier Caixin Global teamed up with Citic Capital to buy the international business information unit of Britain’s Euromoney for 180.5 million US dollars.

According to Xinhua on February 13, the Chinese investors are buying Global Market Intelligence Division (GMID), a Hong Kong-based company that provides global financial information and data in over 15 languages.

Caixin Global said it will leverage the resources of GMID to enhance its own products for the China market, while also working to expand the Hong Kong company’s product offerings from a current focus on desktop to also include more mobile-oriented devices.

Further in May 2018, Caixin Global and CITIC Capital Partners completed the acquisition of ISI Emerging Markets Group.

According to Caixin, “Over the last three years, Caixin Media has implemented a dual strategy that combines traditional news with premium financial information and data services. Its English news products are read worldwide, and provide overseas institutional users with custom intelligence services. With the completion of this acquisition Caixin Media has advanced its dual strategy, and will expand its data networks and sales channels around the world.”

Starting from June 2017, Chinese exiled billionaire Miles Kwok has launched a series  of accusations against Caixin Media of corruption and Ms Hu Shulin of sex scandals. Miles Kwok has held firm evidence of videos and written documents for lawsuits in US courts.

As more and more people come to understand the truth of the whistle blows by Miles Kwok and the actions taken by the US government in the following months against the CCP and those criminals including Ms Hu Shuli, the real face of a disgusting woman will be revealed openly in public.

The world should wake up with the Red Communist toxic injection, that “With rising global interest in China, we are bringing our original, investigative journalism to international readers through enhanced English-language offerings,” Ms Hu Shuli said, “The tie-up with the highly respected Australian Financial Review is an important step in this endeavour.”

As Louisa Lim, senior journalism lecturer of University of Melbourne, has said in the related ABC report, “ I think every news outlet … needs to think very carefully about at what price they’re selling their own credibility.”

By Cloudy Seagail


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