Guo Wengui’s 16 Questions to the Chinese Leadership that Leave a lot of Thought to the Whole World


On his whistle blow on July 17, the high-profile exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui put forward 16 questions to President Xi Jinping, Vice President Wang Qishan and the Chinese Government.

  1. How the shareholder rights of HNA Group have changed from state ownership to private ownership, and finally to the hands of Liu Chengjie and Guanjun besides the HNA Group Chairman Chen Feng and Managing Director Wang Jian? And in what prices? In what form? At what time?
  2. Who are the legal fathers and mothers of Liu Chengjie and Guan Jun? This shall be DNA verified by the judicial department and certified by an independent third party organization.
  3. Several HNA Group’s Gulfstream private jets, one Boeing 737, and one Airbus A319 commercial jet are used specially for Yao Qing, Yao Mingshan, Yao Mingduan, Sun Yao, Liu Xinyang, Hong Ning, Tian Huiyu, Tian Guoli and others. Is this true or false? What are the relations of these people with Guan Jun, Liu Chengjie, Chen Feng, Wang Jian and HNA Group?
  4. Is the world’s only Boeing 787 specially designed for Wang Qishan by HNA Group?
  5. Who was responsible for the death of Ling Gu? Was that truly a traffic accident? Could that be investigated by a trustworthy, lawful and independent third party, or under the supervision of a third party?
  6. As to the political case of Bo Xilai, and the criminal case of his wife Bo Gu kailai, can those be independently investigated again by a third party, under the verification of a third party and publicized to the general public?
  7. How Wang Qishan is connected with the loans of HNA Group and those by Wang Jian and Chen Feng? What role has been played by Wang Qishan in this regard? What are the actual amounts of the loans? From which banks? How much has been returned? And how much has not been returned?
  8. HNA Group and its listed companies are involved in over a hundred criminal cases against Chinese financial laws. Can the Chinese government set up a special investigation group for an independent investigation, with the involvement of a third party and under the supervision of the media, and give the people an answer?
  9. As to the loans of HNA Group and Bohai Financial Holdings, and those related individuals with bank accounts and capital of nearly one hundred billion US dollars, can the legitimacy of the loans be checked and the true source of the capital traced? Can the money that belongs to the people be turned to the people?
  10. Can the government establish an independent department to handle the capital of HNA Group, and accept the supervision from the people and the media? And can the government publicize the results to the public, welcome the people’s supervision, and return the money to its owners?
  11. Wang Jian and Chen Feng of HNA Group have said many times that they are carrying out missions of the country. The general public has learned that they work under the direction of the Chinese intelligence department and security department, carrying out “blue golden yellow” tasks overseas and working as the most important spokesmen and executors in their intelligence and spies networks. Have they really reported these intelligence networks and resources to the government, to the state security commission and safety department? Did they plan the Malaysia Airlines Incident?
  12. Should the “Blue Golden Yellow” plan carried out by HNA Group in Europe, USA and around the world be stopped, including its intelligence networks? Should they be publicized, cancelled so as to win the trust of Europe and the US? Could a good relation be established so that the Chinese people are not pushed into a war of intelligence, made to become enemies of the world, and victims of a national destruction?
  13. Could the Seven Principles by Guo bet met with calm, open and reasonable replies from the government?
  14. As to all the supporters of Guo’s Seven Principles and whistle blows, especially those fellow warriors who have been caught, detained, and restricted to leave the country, can their freedom be restored and the border limitation lifted?
  15. As to the overseas networks against Wengui’s whistle blow, in the form of restless war, employing overseas Chinese like those in fake democratic movements, and businessmen like Jack Ma and Boxun Media executors, can they be dismantled?
  16. If you do not accept the above requests, I will continue with more whistle blows, revealing what have been happening in the county of Xin, the county of Yanggu and the county of Ta (These counties are neighbouring to each other, meaning things are linked together). You know what that means.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by Cloudy Seagail



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